Help for Nation Selection


Hey, im stuck picking a nation for my character and his house. Mainly based on clothing, colours and their ideals.

The House of Tennyson wear black with purple, they mainly wear leather or dark plate with their purple and black tabards. They believe in justice and doing whats right. The house’s original members were all killed except for the youngest son. This is my character, his adoptive father is being played by my older friend. We have banners and crests designed but cant fit into the “look and feel” of any of the nations.

We are primarily human, but we have no problem with any race. Our crest bears a black background, a purple shield with a black raven set on it. We might go with Dawn but it says they are primarily brightly coloured and our house’s colours are mainly dark. HELP PLEASE! :grin:


You should probably pick a nation BEFORE you create a group/house. Each nation has a very specific feel and style, creating a group and applying to a nation is a bit backwards.


The darker colour scheme makes me think of Highguard (not sure about the purple). Highguard is stereotypically quite into justice and such things, especially if it is around religion. The tabard and the shield on the crest also works, in fact if you just told me of those then I would immediately say High guard. I think however you need to be careful with the leather. High guard don’t go round wearing leather normally, however if you save it for battle then that might work.

I think you can have slightly darker colours for dawn, however their crests have more mythical creatures on them, the raven is a lot more Wintermark. I feel like the look might not fit them either. Also the dawn like glory more than justice.

I would say you could choose Wintermark at a stretch. They like leather and Ravens and they like their darker colours but purple might not work.

You do get some leeway with costumes but maybe you are pushing a bit to far. I think you need to decide what you prefer most out of this house and then pick around that, the things you have chosen may be a bit too broad. In the end, as @thresher suggested, you may need to pick the nation first and then make the group.


That sounds closest to Highborn to me.

We’re black and a jewel tone, and already have a couple of chapters using royal purple (not a problem there are only about 6 or 7 available jewel colours that work!).

You might need to adjust your house name a little, we have Chapters, and they follow a 2 word theme usually: Cantiarch’s Hold, Reumah’s Redoubt, Felix’s Watch etc.

Worth reading the Highguard front page on the wiki and see if you can adapt your ideas to fit. Happy to offer further suggestions if wanted.

NB All empire players are Human, unless you’re Orcs, the lineages are flavours of human not seperate races. Being Human only would fit with Highguard, we’re probably the most suspicious of lineage in general.


Unconquered Highguard who are skirmishers and scouts do wear leather, but in Anvil when not in battle gear will generally wear their tabard or surcoat as their top layer, or at least a belt tab with their chapter badge on it to show where they belong. (And not get mistaken for wintermark!)


I wasn’t sure though if they were wanting to wear leather all the time or just for battle. Thank you for clarifying, you mentioning it reminded me of someone in High guard who does wear leather for battle and is unconquered.


Thank you, we have decided to go with Highguard! Funny you should mention it. We are going to stick to the name due to it being key to a few of our backstories but thank you for the tip it is a two word name though, House Tennyson (the of was a mistake sorry). The crest was designed by me and a couple friends. We will be a noble house group. The whole leather armour thing is a good point, mainly due to me not being able to afford the plate! lol. We will be wearing purple and black tabards and cloaks when not in combat. By Primarily human, I meant full non linage humans.


Unless you don’t care, IC, you need to be careful referring to people of other linages as not human, they may take offence. Also be careful with the whole justice thing. It is fine to be all about justice but if you go too far with it, people will think you mean ‘Justice’ which is a false virtue and so consider heresy, of course, you can go down the heresy route for a bit of fun but you may burn a few bridges by doing that (especially in High guard). Just thought I would add this as a fun fact kind of thing.


They are loosly based of off the starks, their ideals of justice and protecting their own. I know what you mean about linages, sort of new to this LARP so will remember that one! Our group so far consists of The last member of the original house, his sort of adoptive parent (he raised him due to his father dying young) who is an Earl. We are looking to recruit soldiers and the like. We don’t care much about linage but it could cause issue between the soldiers rather than with the leaders. WE ARE NOT RACIST basically.


House is specifically the group name for Dawn, you really need to consider changing it to avoid confusion.

It would be better as Tennyson’s [something] where Tennyson was your founder who did something memorable and the something is related to that back story. You could go for Shield as that’s in your design, we have a Tower already but that would work, or another Hold if you wanted.

Empire is set up so that those in the nation want to conform to the nation ideas because of the Egregore bond, and it means that someone seeing your character name on a pieced of paper knows where you are from immediately.


Thanks, we weren’t too aware of this. We could rename our group to something else. I’m up to suggestions. Do you guys want to hear our backstory so you can maybe give some names?


Earl is also a reserved word for Dawn.

In Highguard you have the Exarch who is the leader, and that position is appointed or voted on or similar inside the chapter. Nothing in Empire is hereditary, it’s all based on hopefully whoever is best for the job.

Being adopted into a chapter is a common back story, no need for parent notes unless you want them. Most Highborn choose their chapter based on their personal ideas and philosophy if they aren’t staying with their birth chapter and there is no stigma associated with that change.

And feel free to be Lineagist, many of the Highborn are, and it makes good game.


Love to hear your back story.


Aso others have pointed out, your group will need some changes you’re thinking of Highguard. We group into Chapters, which you can read more about here.

Additionally, Highguard names are old treatment in flavour, so Tennyson doesn’t quite fit either.

Also, being racist (within reason) is fine in highguard.


The Noble House of Tennyson was formed in a small hamlet within the outskirts of Bastion. The founding members were as follows: Lord Arthane Tennyson (the original lord), Lady Pamela Tennyson (the lord’s wife) and Riccard Tennyson (the lord’s son). Arthane led the house to riches and power in the area, the locals adoring his protection and the military support he was bringing to the Hamlet. Lord Arthane would rule onwards for many years, his son marrying a noble woman of Highguardian descent. Lord Arthane’s reign was successful until his untimely demise at the hands of orc bandits. Pamela would live on a few years and then die of a broken heart, leaving the house to Riccard and his wife Erikar. The two had a son and a daughter, Elderan and Ellorth. Elderan was a young boy when the Hall Massacre took place, leaving him the only survivor. The massacre happened on a cold day, Riccard had been successful in wiping out a majority of orc bandit forces in the hamlet. His son and Daughter were of six years old when it happened. The orc bandit leader had planned a way to end their woes, kill the Tennyson house. The bandits stormed the halls, taking the family hostage, The orcs kneeled them down and beheaded them one by one, starting with Erikar, then Ellorth, then Riccard. Elderan ran before they reached him, sprinting from the falls. He fell down a set of stairs, leaving him with a partial limp. After the orcs had left, yelling “Leave one, to tell the tale!”. The Earl had found the boy and nursed him to health. The two trained and began rebuilding the lost house.


When looking for names I suggest looking at the hearth magic of Highuard (,
the culture and customs ( and the 'Five things to know about the Highguard). Here are some of the chapters that are already in existence


is our house crest


You’d need to change things such as ‘earl’ (for exarch), ‘nobles’ (there are no noble class in Highguard), ‘house’ (for chapter).

Also, as I mentioned, the names are not quite right for highguard.

Also, leadership is not heredity in the Empire.

I’m not sure it’s bandits would make it in the heartlands of Bastion, perhaps they were in a more remote region, such as Reikos.


The names where actually based off of my family. Tennison being my last name, The Earl and Titles make sense though. I am aware of the heredity thing, the family was kept in power due to the work they had done in the hamlet to protect it. I left that out as I thought it was self explainitory but ill add it in later :slight_smile: Ill move to Reikos then, I agree now looking back on the map


Ok that story as written fits far better with Dawn than Highguard at the moment.

Bastion as a territory is settled and safe, they even let the fortifications collapse because they couldn’t see them being needed over a century ago. Try Reikos if you want to be run over by barbarian orcs in the recent past, but they would have killed everyone, and any survivors would be due to escaping and/or luck. The Druj just killed everyone, and poisoned the corpses etc.

As Thresher mentions some fiddling with names will be needed, but you can probably find similar sounding options form the biblical names lists on the wiki, they’re pretty extensive.

I would suggest if you can not using names too close to your own for reasons of character bleed. If something traumatic and emotional happens to your character having a similar name can mean the feelings bleed more into your OOC emotions, and it is more difficult for someone to check with you that you are OK, even if your character is having the worst day of their life. Eg Hannaniah is bawling her eyes out but someone can check if Charlie is actually OK with it.