Help for Nation Selection


I think you will need to go over it, maybe once more, and look to edit parts of the backstory. There are a few bits that don’t flow so well and where the meaning is unclear. Other than that, I think it is quite interesting. It is only necessary to make these corrections, of course, if you put it down as the official backstory. If you decide to keep it as an informal reminder then it is fine as it is. (Sorry, I hope I don’t seem rude by saying this, I’m quite into writing backstories myself and so I like to see people do them justice. When it isn’t in a story I don’t care about editing and things like that).


Tennison effectively means “Dennis’ son”, Dennis is a name that derives from Dionysus, and variants on the name include Deon, which feels a little more Highborn to me - if you wanted to keep a link to a RL name.


I’m ok with the emotion thing, the names themselves aren’t too close. Just the surname is one letter off. The character name is the only similarity between me and my character.


if it helps there is both a Teman and a Telassar in the biblical names list, neither of which are in use among the Highborn at present if that would work for your group name.

Wikipedia has a complete alphabetical list of bible names by first letter, quite useful when looking for ideas.


I wasn’t aware of my name’s meaning, thanks for the information :slight_smile: . I’d like to keep the name as it is but mainly I was focusing on the other part of the name. In realism, the names would surely have one or two that don’t fit the theme. I mean they would still be medieval and fantasy inspired but they don’t all have to be biblical or of a theme. When I was asking for names it was more to replace “House” as that is…Dawnish? If I remember correctly?


Thanks, I’m trying to get my work published actually so I understand you here :slight_smile: I didn’t edit it too much as it was more of an informal reminder for myself that I’ve jotted down in a little leather book


It is chapter instead of house. I suggest you think about the space marines a bit when thinking of high guard, it may help you out a bit. Only less zealous.


Ah yes good old warhammer, that will help a lot actually. Thanks


Depends on the chapter :wink:


And while I’m late to this discussion, a few dark colours is not too bad in Dawn. Current Houses in play include Rakshasa: Black, with silver and teal trim
Tour De Cendres: Black and gold
Orzel: Black and Red…

…actually, all of those are immigrants from other nations :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, go with Highguard. They’re happy bouncy enthusiastic people (out of character), and likely to give you much assistance.

They also have a facebook group, as do all the nations.


No problem, just remember it is an empress and not an emperor and that they don’t believe she is their god and you should be fine.


Options for alternatives for ‘House’:

Hold, Tower, Chapter, Keep,
Shield, Shelter, Guard, Ward, Eyrie (Bird’s look out which fits your Raven).
Sign, Beacon, Bell (very Highborn!), Crest

plus anything related to where your chapter house is, so Hill, Lake, Pass, Gate, etc
or anything that could be a relic of your founder, Shield, Lantern, Spear, Well, Shrine

Hopefully something there is inspirational. :slight_smile:


Oh also good luck with being published, it is a dream of mine as well (though I have to finish the book first).


Also useful Highborn FB group if you do FB, and would like more general help from the nation:


So it’s very much worth thinking of Empire not as a medieval setting but as a fairly unique low fantasy setting. Each nation has a very distinct culture and set of naming conventions that is reinforced by magical mind control, and the inner workings of each are extraordinarily different from each other. It may help to think of settings like The Elder Scrolls, which have similarly delineated cultural identities.

Highguard doesn’t have medieval names - it has biblical names. There are some variations on a theme, but the design of each of the nations is to make them all thematically distinct, such that you can look at a character - or hear a name - and be able to guess their nation with about 95% accuracy.

No-one here can tell you that you can’t have a name like Tennison - there will always be exceptions - but you may find that it leads to some confusion on the field.


What do you mean by this? I’m just curious.


The Egregore Bond to your nation literally makes you want to fit in, makes other nation’s names and hearth magic seem weird or foolish to you, and means the nations are pretty distinct in costume, names and outlook.

It is literally background mind control!


Ah okay, that is quite interesting, I’m going to have to look into that. It may change how I play my character, also it may be interesting for my character to look into it just because ‘magic’.


It’s not magic as in a spell cast, more background aura type thing.

Not sure about other nations but in Highguard as soon as a new citizen passes their citizenship test and is officially (in the eye’s of the empire Civil Service) an adult, they exchange an oath with one or both of our Egregores, that binds them to the Highborn nation. In theory we’ve all done this somewhere in our back story, and that makes us Highborn and want to be Highborn.


Oh I’m aware it isn’t magic ritual magic or spell casting as mind control is one of the things you can’t do but my character is interested in all things of extraordinary influence and ability. Also, if it is the same for all nations then I may not technically be effected by it, so yay for free thought.