Help for Nation Selection


Tallstag is Green and Brown.

Tour de Cendres is Black and Gold.
Orzel is Red and Black.
Rakshasa is Black, Teal and Silver.

You see, the only Houses with Black in their colours are those who’ve immigrated from other nations. This is entirely intentional, and the result of long hours of discussion and negotiation on secret message boards.

All current, and the next… (goes and checks) 9 Dawnish Houses have their colour schemes carefully mapped out.

Our eventual plan is that when the whole panalopy is represented, the resulting colour combination (which we are tentatively calling “The Glorious Spectrum” for now) will cause all who look upon it to move and fight at half-speed, due to the mental effort required to process it.

This means that any battle Dawn fights will have us looking awesome, the monster crew stumbling around like drunken zombies, and the other nations going “What the Virtues?”

When we proposed this in 2012, PD laughed and said “If you can phys-rep it, you can do it.” So we did…


Is there some kind of initiation process to get onto these secret message boards? Is their a secret empire larp council pulling all the strings and deciding what happens at an event before it happens (I know that is technically the writers but you know what I mean)?

I can image a you entering into a room with a long table with various people sat behind it, in shadow. The middle one says: “There’s a wishe guy mucking up the order of shings. They wanna have black in their colours while being a dawnish houshe that has no hishtory of immigration. Geoffrey, we want you to have a talk wish this guy and getim to shee the bigger picture. If he don’t shee it our way, I wannim shleeping with the Merrow”

To which you would very professionally scream ‘glory’ and run out of the room.


I am, of course, joking. :smiley:

Nice scene though…!


I agree Dawn sounds like a better fit. Courdefeur also wear black and silver and have not moved in from another nation, so there is plenty of precedent. “We will remember” perhaps fits a lot better than “We will not forgive”? The latter WILL get you investigated for heresy.


really? didn’t think heresy was so easy to commit? lol I will change it to will remember.


How about as a motto ‘the last words shall be ours’? It could be argue it looks at vigilance and it is more about competing then revenge. It tells everyone you are determined to the point of stubbornness and it isn’t quite as harsh as ‘we do not forgive’.


Actually yeah, thanks! That sounds better as well, more motto-ish if you get me. Thanks guys!


If it was my motto you liked then you are welcome. If not then just ignore this message.


Hmm good one.

A variation on that could be “But we’ll end it!”

As in, “we won’t start a fight, but we’ll finish it.”

“The last words will be ours” sounds a little petty? Maybe that’s just how I read them…


Then it would fit well with dawn.

Also “but we’ll end it!” may be better for the beginning of a battle, almost like a war cry. The commander could shout: ‘We may not have started this fight’ and then everyone replies ‘but we shall finish it’

If you don’t think the motto works how about ‘The maze shall forgive’. It is almost like ‘only god forgives’ and we all know how that is used in films.

Alternatively ‘On to the End’. The idea of not forgiving and forgetting has gone but there is still that idea of enduring.

Or ‘Let those who are right be the last to fall’.


I like “The last words will be ours”
this really fits my house’s main idea. Thanks I will use this


No problem, may those words take you far and may you always find wisdom in them when others cannot.


I’ll be lurking on these forums a lot today over the holidays. If you have any questions about weaving your House into Dawn, I’m happy to help. :slight_smile:

#75 is worth a read to avoid accidental heresy.