Help me choose a Nation

Okay, im just going to say this I am indecisive as HELLL

I’ve been wanting to go to empire for nearly a year, and i still can’t decide what Nation to be apart of - I know i want my character to wear something like this (Simplicity Pattern: S1773 Misses' Fantasy Costume | by Andrea Schewe – - Sewing Supplies) at one point and what kind of character i want to play - But Nation? NO. I’ve been able to narrow it down to three Nations after reading the Wiki’s but I’m still stuck.

I Keep getting stuck between Navarr, Wintermark and The Marches! And i just can’t decide which will suit me best for my first time. So i had the idea to bring it to the people who have been and experienced these natons.

People Of Navarr, Wintermark and The Marches, Plead your Nations case! Why should i join your country?

Thank you for your help, Stay Safe, and Goodbye <3

I mean, I look at those outfits and think more League or Dawn, if you’re in love with those particular clothes those nations might suit better!


I think those are really Dawn, especially the brightly colored versions.

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I think the one on the left done in greens and browns could just about work for Navarr… depending entirely on what material it is made of.

The dress pattern is Dawn, waist line too low for the League, although there are better patterns to fit Dawn, and the under dress has a zip at the back which is a pain for the field unless you have a companion sharing your tent!

The Marches needs a plainer front laced kirtle, go with the middle ages pattern of triangles and rectangles, plenty of options in pinterest. The same pattern with additional banding and embroidery at neck, cuffs and hem for Wintermark Steinr. Navarr has the bigger choice as almost anything fantasy style in green and brown will work, but think practical, shorter skirt hems, no twiddly bits to catch on things.

As far as choosing a nation try and work out what character you want to play and see where those ideas fit. The outlook of each nation is very different, the navarr are mostly nomadic, the marchers proud of their land just for a start!

If it helps Wintermark is huge in numbers, the Navarr medium and the Marchers medium small - this can affect your choices depending on if you prefer to hide in a crowd, or be among people you can individually name all of.

Depending on how comfortable you are with speaking to new people, there is the option of starting your character in the same indecisive state and finding where they fit that way; orcs aside, it is possible to switch between any nation in-play. I hear it can take more than one event to accomplish the switch but you also get to play out that story.

Perhaps your character has come to a point where they don’t feel right in their life and come to Anvil because it’s a way to meet every other nation in one place. Or the Thule barbarians have been returning slaves taken from the empire in recent times so your character could have been one of them, so long in foreign lands that their former imperial culture feels unfamiliar and they’re looking for a home that feels right.

I play a Navarri character and I would say that the immediate advantages to you are that we have a reputation for transporting people (of any nation) around the empire, and an archetype focussed on finding the right place for any imperial citizen who doesn’t feel like they’re there already. To be Navarr, a person has sworn a solemn oath to undo the Vallorn and reclaim what’s left of Terunael; that doesn’t have to mean combat of course but it does give a fall-back motivation if a player runs out of things to do - go ask around anyone you know or who looks interesting/important and ask how you can help them. One thing to consider is the tradition of tattoos though. If you later decide you want to be in another nation then your character will still be marked out, though there are probably magical means for removing a tattoo so it shouldn’t be an absolute deal-breaker.

As CharlieP mentions though, your character’s persona is often a strong indicator of which nation will suit them best. So if you can give us an outline of that and/or what bits of Empire appeal to you most, you will likely get better advice.


The LARP Noobs Podcast just did an episode on the Marches with Marcher players so you can hear them talking about how great their nation is for two hours.

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This is a great little podcast about two new players in Navarr I think, so that might help there :slight_smile: .

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