Help me please!

Hi people!
I was a new character in August and I spend a lot of my time absorbing what empire is about. Spent a lot of time with my kids in the academy and enjoyed all the learning, however I need help understanding some things.

  1. I have the artisan skills (a nice fella from GOD created my character for me) and it says I can make artisans oil. The Wiki says it takes 1 crown of materials, but doesn’t say what materials I need. I’m a bit confused.

  2. He handed me a load of ribbons with things written on them: Polearm / Wand / Medium Armour / not sure what these are? Some are expired now, however would be nice to know what they are for!

  3. It says I have in my items a Sanguine Staff. Does this mean I actually have one, or that I have to make one. I’m guessing the latter?

That’s all my questions for now x thanks in advance to anyone who replies :slight_smile:

  1. Artisan Oil just requires 1 crown in money, representing buying tiny amounts of things under the abstraction layer.

  2. Each of those ribbons is a magic item. Each one should have a specific id number which will allow you to find out exactly what sort of magical item it is this may require you checking with GOD. Those that have expired are no longer useable. To take them on the field you should attach the ribbon to a physrep of the thing.

  3. If its in your items then I would think it means you have one but I’ve not used that part of the downtime system. Have you got less resources than you had previously?

If you want to find out now you can,
So you have a list of magic items you can make (i.e Sanguine Staff) there should be 4+ of these.

For items you have in your pack you should be able to make them, so you should be able to work out identity

  1. Find what Form the magic item takes (is it a suit of armour, a sword etc)
  • You can find this by searching the wiki for the item in question
  • Stick the item name into the search bar
  • Go to the Page
  • Scroll down to where it says something like:
    Form: Weapon. Takes the form of a ritual staff.”
  • Note down the type and repeat
  1. Hopefully you should now have the type of item next to each item: eg: Sanguine Staff (Ritual Stave)
    Since these correspond to the ribbons you can then work out what items are
    So the wand will be one of these items ( … gory:Wands) for instance, if you can only craft one of them that should be the wand