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Hey all, just had a wonderful event, but realised that my general healing is just awful. (Sorting cleaved limbs, removing venon, even quick casting heal is all good). I stuggle to fill 30 seconds - when they are downed it’s easier but when someone comes up to me low on hits I have no clue what to really say or do. Any advice would be great - and if I need to pursue this on field I understand. Just didn’t what to undo someones immersion with - what do you say when general healing. Sorry for the splurge of words :slight_smile:


What Nation / Magical Tradition / Magical Archetype are you?


Wintermark - usually brutal e.g. I’m a burn away the dirt then magically stitch you up - icewalker but no ritual stuffs


Ask questions: Where does it hurt? who did that to you, did you get them back? Can you straighten up / move your fingers / take a deep breath / tell me how many fingers I’m holding up?

Tell them what you are doing and how they might feel: I’m just going to feel here, is that really painful or only a bit? Hmmm, not sure that’s supposed to be on the outside, does it feel cold? I’m just going to clean away some of this blood, hope it isn’t all yours.

Getting out your tools, looking for the right one, asking them to turn so you can get a better look, inspecting your handiwork, complaining that this is the third one you’ve seen today, telling them they should duck / dodge / block next time.

Any or all of the above may be helpful. Adding some of your hearth magic to it also good, so in your case asking if they think this was a good way to earn a name etc? (I wash everything but that’s Highborn).


What I found useful playing a healer in another system was having a procedure I could go through step by step:

Assessment/case history - ask them where it hurts, ask them how they got bashed up. Feel free to roll your eyes (‘it’s just a flesh wound, but I suppose I can patch it up’) or tut-tut (‘you should have got this seen to straight away, look, it’s full of muck!’), or look worried (‘Are you sure you aren’t feeling dizzy?’). Play your character to the utmost and give your victim/patient something to talk/groan/scream about.

Treatment - This is where your ‘burn out the dirt and stitch up’ comes in. First things first - you know this already, but always check in OC before touching someone. If they’re ok with it, you can then do your laying on hands/stitching up/bandaging. Give your patient cues! Talk them through what you’re doing! Stuff like ‘I’m going to have to dig deep on this one - grit your teeth’, ‘Stretch that leg gently, tell me if it twinges’, ‘Ok, keep your head still, look up, look down, look at me’, ‘Squeak if it’s too tight’ gives you and them more to roleplay over.

Aftercare - Don’t just say, ‘Done’ and walk off (unless you’re doing a cold heartless medic bit). Give them some instructions to follow (or not) - ‘Keep that bandage on for an hour or two, come back if the bleeding starts again’, ‘Take care, if you swing that arm too hard the wound might reopen’, ‘Stay hydrated, and I don’t mean just beer!’

Props and rituals - tools, bandages, fake blood, incense, chimes, healing crystals, meditative chants - can add lots of colour, but most of valuable of all is having a strong sense of your method of healing (lots of people go for the faux surgery techniques, but it’s worth emphasising that Empire supports any kind of healing roleplay) - find your schtick and lean into it as hard as you can!

For further reading, I heartily recommend this article on larphacks (and not just because I’m one of the contributors credited :stuck_out_tongue: )


Thanks - this is really helpful :slight_smile:


Thank you also - will definitely use this :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I have found this tricky, as a mage-healer, because I’m trying to do spell vocals…

For this, on the other hand, it’s a little easier as I just need an incantation that lasts 30 seconds.

Where it might be of use to you is that I organised that into little verses, so if you have a few useful invocations (possibly of runes or heroic Exemplars), those can take a few seconds and be slotted in at any point.

I have also found that jut shouting at your patient to be a good dramatic bit: “What the hell is this? Is this your spleen? No? Then whose is it!?”

Healing spell vocals available on request.


1st question to a potential patient - How much money do you have?

Healers gotta eat too :wink:


Yes, but you’re hardly at Anvil to make money for food…

You, as a PC, are one of the movers and shakers of the Empire! You might have a wide and prosperous farm at your disposal, custody of a vale of enchanting herbs, or even command of a small military company! At the minimum! Food money? Pah!

For that matter, asking the names of those you heal up, and then visiting them for “follow up checks” on the main field later, will likely get you passed drinks and food at their camps. You swan in and they say “I know you, you saved my life! Let me get you a drink!”

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Sooo… No money then?



More seriously, people do make money healing, but on the battlefield is generally not where it happens. Asking people for coin in hand while they’re bleeding out in front of you and the Jotun/Druj/Vallorn husks are breaking through the lines doesn’t invite a great response! I’m aware of people handing out cards or labels basically saying, ‘This is me, I’ve just healed you, here is where to find me if you want to come show your gratitude later hint hint

In Anvil, of course, you can be as pragmatic as you like, and as long as you’re not preventing anyone else from tending them you’ve not done anything wrong, legally speaking…

  1. Magical healing requires mana.
  2. Mana comes back if you sit in a Chamber of Delights/Chamber of Pallas/Solace of Chimes aura.
  3. These magic auras tend to be slapped on pubs and teahouses.
  4. I think you can see where I’m going here.

I always talked about magical healing as if it was still doing a tricky healing process, just without actually getting in there and poking around - so having called up the magic with a few magic-y words, I would still start asking about the wound and talking about binding specific bits together.

When I was Navarr I also enjoyed bleeding on the patient and telling them my healthy blood was mingling with theirs and seeking out the wound to close it, because bleeding on people is always fun.

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