Help with archetypes?

Hi All! First time player here, and i’m all booked in for the Spring Solstice :smiley: Setting up my character, and all is going well till i get to the archetype section. Looks like i’m settling in Dawn, and i’m headed down the healing route. I have no idea which archetype would suit this best. I’m thinking retainer, but as i’m new, i have no idea about setting up relations with houses etc. Also, guiser looks good (quite like the idea of busking some ballads for cash), but it doesn’t pop up in the options box when i go to select?
Can someone give a newbie a hand?

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Don’t worry about it too much.

The Archetype box is there so the crew can get a rough idea of how many people are playing particular things, and in some cases where it might be productive to aim a plot; it’s helpful when there’s something that fits well, but it’s not a super-important character generation detail.

I think you can leave the box blank if none of them really suit your character style, and that’s not a problem - not all characters need to be hitting one of the suggested archetypes.

Other people may have better advice for finding groups and so on. A retainer is quite a trusted position, so if you’re keen to have that as part of your game, making contact first is a very good idea; meeting people for the first time IC can work if you’re feeling confident, but it’s often easier with existing contacts. Hopefully someone will be along shortly with more ideas there.

(For a healer type, the Anvil Hospital are excellent people to talk to about getting involved.)


Thank you!

Hi there. I spent a while playing a retainer healer in Dawn. You may feel a little taken for granted right up to the point where people are desperately screaming for your help :slight_smile:

Magical healer or non-magical (Chirugeon, Physic and herbs)? Doesn’t make much difference, although if you’re playing a magical healer you may want a Mana Site as a personal resource, if you’re playing a herbalist you may want a Herb Garden.

As for groups: You CAN just turn up and wander around before time in looking for folk to play with. You could also see if you could find any LARPers going from your area, playing in Dawn, and hang around with them. No-one’s going to complain too much if you switch groups after one event, or when you get to know the setting and the peopl in it better.

Dawn has a facebook group, as does every other nation:

You could announce yourself on there and recieve a dozen group invites.

I run a group in Dawn, and you’re welcome to drop in and chat with us if you need a place to start, I’ll take you round and introduce you to as many useful/interesting people as I can find, IC and OOC. And if you choose to stick with my group, you’d be most welcome :smiley:


Decided to go the herbalist route, may branch into magic once I’ve developed my character a bit further. Aligned myself with house Devereux (a friend of mine plays as one of the siblings), so I’ve now got a relatively good starting point, but the more connections the better, presumably! Decided against putting down a specific archetype just yet, as none of them really fit my character. I’ll definitely take a look at the FB page, thanks for all the suggestions! :smile: