Help with being a cambion

So I am going to be playing a Cambion at E1 the horns I bought for this are great and I love them but I am a bit concerned about wearing them into battle as they may wobble and come lose. They’re currently kept on by some elastic string.

Any tips on how to best I can fix them securely?

These people might be able to help if you do Facebook

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My wife wears hers on a headband concealed with a woven hair design… I’ve seen some incorporated into headgear (“why yes my helmet has holes for my horns to come through… duh…”), or indeed glued on to one extent or another.

I think a tight headband with them attached may be a simple but effective idea… If someone knocks them off in battle you can always
(a) blush and stick them back on later
(b) treat it as a traumatic wound, leave the battle with a bloodied head while screaming vengeance, and spend the next event or two “growing another”

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Thank you

Wowee thank very much