Help with suaq coat

Wasn’t sure were to post this, but costume and crafting seemed more or less apropriate

I found a great fur coat, that looks like it would be perfect.
But it’s crazy expensive and i’m not sure if it quite works for a suaq.
So I thought before buying only to find out its terrible for a suaq, I would ask the advice of the forum.
this is an image of the coat

If not that coat, how do I find a good suaq coat? It was the only inuit/sami/wintry native american coat I could find.

[Update]: Whilst the information that the coat is not good was helpful, I am now at a loss for a sauq coat, as the only form of guide I could find wasn’t helpful at all since I need a coat to start off with, so I update this post to be, rather than is this a good sauq coat, to how do I make/find a sauq coat?

I’d say that, in isolation, it looks quite modern. Costumes are tricky things though, so that coat might work really well as part of an outfit with the right accessories. I cannot actually say why it looks modern though, so maybe it’s a good coat and people just happen to wear that style in normal life.

My main concern, is I am honest, would be that it looks warm.

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I would suggest looking in charity shops for old fur or fake fur coats and then turning one inside out, cutting off collars and other extraneous bits and then painting with Suaq designs. It would be considerably less expensive!

Edit: And if you are worried about it being too warm cut the sleeves off as well, for a Suaq waistcoat.

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Ok, so my first step would be to do a bit of image research. The wiki ‘Influences’ page for Suaq cites Sami and Inuit, so try a google image search on those. ‘Traditional Inuit clothing’ and ‘traditional Sami clothing’ get some good hits.

What sticks out to me is that the outer garments are blocky: made out of rectangles, triangles and strips. Big fur ruffs, collars and hoods. Sami garments have bright contrast facings and embroidery; Inuit have beading and appliqué.

So there’s some ideas. Now on to the larper’s friend, eBay. First search is not fur coat, it’s ‘suede coat’. Why? Because real fur is expensive, tricky to source and very warm. Most Empire events you attend will be in the summer. A suede coat, real or fake, will be lighter, cooler and cheaper. First thing that catches my eye is a suede leather long coat, from Monsoon.

It’s slim but fairly boxy in shape, it has decorative stitching around the collar, down the front and around the cuffs, and it has no buttons. Starting bid £9.99. I’d be perfectly happy to wear it as part of a Suaq costume as is. As soon as I had the time/money/inclination, I’d add a fur ruff and some trim around the front opening and paint some animal designs on the skirt and sleeves.

This one is less suitable, and would need some work, but the basics are there.

The things that scream modern styling to me are the collar and the button. Trim away the collar, perhaps replace it with an upright collar in a bright red or blue wool that continues down the front, drawing on the Sami styling, or a fur collar and contrast appliqué drawing on Inuit techniques. Replace the buttons with wooden or bone toggles, or cut the buttons and buttonholes off all together and plan on belting it closed, or using hooks and eyes. Add as much embellishment as you like.

Often the trickiest bit of adapting real-life garments for larp is looking past the styling to the ‘bones’, and it does take time and practice to get your eye in. Don’t lose heart, you’ll get there!