Heraldry and your house

Hi! I have a question regarding personal heraldy. When a knight errant passes his test of mettel after petitioning to a house and joins said house, is he obligated to wear the colours and hereldry of his house or can he choose a personal heraldry?
Thx for any answer!

He can choose a personal Heraldry, often it’s advantageous to have that heraldry somewhat connected to your house. It will reduce the amount people will mistake you for another House, and is thought of a bit better. That being said nothing stops you making something completely different.

For instance House Carsenere is a silver Chimera on a Blue Background, we have had personal heraldry of a Silver Unicorn, a White Lion both on the de Carsenere Blue field.

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As mentioned, it’s worth looking at the themes of the house and seeing what variation you can do on them.

Example: House De Gauvain has Winged beasts and roses and their heraldic themes. So while they all have these as heraldry, they have dragons crowned with roses, eagles carrying roses, gryphons wearing a collar of roses, and so on.

Dromond (my house) has a heraldy of Silver serpent and golden chalice, on sea green. And while I wear the colours and the house symbol on my helmet, my shield has a heraldry of serpent and pearl on sea green. There’s a story behind that :slight_smile:

Summary: For personal heraldry in a house, change the symbols a little, keep the colours. Unless you want to get into discussions about it…

I ask because i already own this shield and it has served me well for a while.
Until i pass the test of mettle i would cover it with a cloth, but then use the colours on the shield as a personal heraldly.

That’s a good looking shield.

It’s possible to use a shield cover, and perfectly IC. My shield is red and brass, but my Awesome Wife made me a shield cover with elasticated edges that slips on and off. This allows for using it while monstering, for instance.

Depending on what heraldy you decide on, you may wish to produce a personal heraldy shield cover.

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