Hero points and Mana

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I am quite new to Empire and I was wondering why hero points are harder to obtain(Starting with 2 Hero Points compared to 4 mana) and replenish (Mageblood replenishes 2 mana for two herbs whereas Philter of Strength replenishes 1 Hero point for 3 herbs) than mana?


Primarily I’d say that Hero Points can be used in Armour where as Mana requires some degree of risk with it.

There’s probably other reasons to go with it, mana is perhaps more verstile, and mages rely more on their mana, i.e a mage without mana is arguably not as useful as a frontliner without hero points, although thats more personal opnion.


Hero points have pretty much only 2 uses: on the battlefield, or to resist certain auras.

Personal mana is used for : detecting magic (first part of almost any investigation), Opening portals (both for the hall of worlds and the Sentinel gate), Creating bonds - for any item with a ribbon, and also people into covens, and casting spells which may be used off the battlefield too.

I guess the game design is such that you go through personal mana faster so it’s easier to replenish. As a Magician, I almost always spend time in an aura during an event, often more than once to return my mana so I can carry on with what I am doing. As far as I am aware most people with hero points rely on them returning after sleep, and don’t bother with actively seeking a way of replacing them.

NB there are also aura’ / processes for returning hero points using consecration and priestly ceremonies which can be done off the battlefield, same as magical auras replace mana, free to use multiple times once set up for the weekend.


Mmm, I think the only people who can answer that with any degree of authority are the game creators, but IbisCappelli’s and CharlieP’s summaries seems good theories.

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So a starting Character starts with 2 Hits.

Wearing armour can give you 4 Hits for Free, as well as protecting you from Cleave/Impale (and remember Impale is called on all arrows.)

To get half that protection, the Mage needs to spend 2 XP and is still vulnerable to all those calls.

As a Mage this discrepancy is enough that I when I took to the field in armour, because with reasonable hard skills I could be useful with no Calls at all, I did not find that as a Mage.

Bear in mind that many mage spells are 2 Mana to cast: Shatter, Paralyse – These are in a similar take the enemy out of the fight range as Cleave and Impale. The Offensive 1 mana Mage spells don’t tend to do this, and in the case of Venom and Weakness are the only two calls that you expend mana.

Finally Empower is a 2 mana spell, it essentially replicates a 1 HP ability.


I thought Empower was always a one mana spell, it jut requires another weapon to use.

Also I know a few people who regularly look to recharge their hero points but that’s because they ehad to a lot of skirmishes.

Update I had forgotten about changed in the 2016-2017 period.

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Some peeps use empower really well, usually in groups by simply empowering each other and doing lots of cheap damage that way. The “Mounteback’s Surprise” is designed specifically for this, allowing somebody casting empower on somebody else to also gain the benefit. If you have a wall of warriors all empowering each other… well, it could be a rather nifty force.

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If they’re all empowering each other then none of them are wearing armour and they’re going to get rolled. :wink:


By and large, the game is balanced so that the same effect costs 1 hero point or 2 personal mana. As a result, you get half the number of hero points.


Now I see, thanks, this was very helpful.