Heroforge your characters, volume 2

Some time ago, during the depths of lockdown, we had some fun with this site.

And many folk had a good time envisaging their characters using this mini builder.
Indeed, here is volume 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Now we have lots of new players (hi all!) and quite a few new characters (what, you as well… ouch).

It’s a quiet Bank Holiday Monday, and you may be sitting there in a bit of a LARP drop.

Have a go! Build your character! Post it here :smiley:


I had time today, so here’s my go!
Tattoos not entirely accurate, but I did what I could. Plus I wanted to add embroidery to the robe but that’s too much detail for this :smile:


One Highborn Unconquered ready to go. Hopefully I’ll get to roughly here gear wise in the next event or two :).


Jared of the Suns of Couros, Highborn Steward of the Dead, Priest of Loyalty and Claviger of the Basilica of Cora Holdfast. Without a bell but with a book instead.

I did this ages ago when I first came across Hero Forge.