Heroic Skills and their Practical Applications

So, magic hasn’t drawn your attention, but being a hero has! Heroic powers are very fun, and there is a reason why hero draws a lot of new players to it. Of course, I have reasoned it within myself to make a sarcastic guide to them!

Cleaving Strike and Mortal Blow- These two skills are the most common of the bunch, and for good reason! They allow a hero to murder un- or under-armoured opponents (and make mages balanced). On a hit to unarmoured section of a limb, they remove the use of that limb, making retreats difficult as people lose legs and arms, making them less mobile. On a hit to a armour-less chest or back, they loose all hits, and start their bleed counter. Important things to know:

  • You can’t hop if you lose a leg, you have to go down onto the ground! You aren’t the Black Knight, plop your buttocks down!
  • Impale cannot be called with a one-handed weapon, but Cleave can with a two hander!
  • Due to the armour update, these abilities have lost lots of their utility, so do keep in mind!

Strikedown- Its in the name here, plant your bum on the ground when someone hits you with a polearm, and you can get back up, though chances are not for long. Important things to know:

  • This is super useful on those in heavy, as they are often lugging around 40-50lbs than someone who isn’t, so you will probably have a massive advantage
  • Keep on smacking someone who has taken this call, as you might save them the effort if they try and stand again
  • This is polearm exclusive my friend, so remember before picking up the skill

Stay With Me- Role-play inspiring someone, and they can stand back up with one Hit! Important things to know:

  • You can’t use this on yourself, and it doesn’t work on someone who isn’t bleeding out.
  • This doesn’t fix cleave, so you may have to go and find a Physic to fix the casualty

Get It Together- Restores 3 Hits to someone who isn’t bleeding out, after appropriate roleplay. Important things to know:

  • You cannot use this to pick yourself up, or pick someone else up
  • Doesn’t fix cleaves

Relentless- Allows you to fix ONE ruined limb, and needs appropriate roleplay, which can be interrupted by taking damage. Important things to know:

  • Doesn’t fix others limbs, its only for you.
  • You need to roleplay hard, so you should be noticeable while doing it.
  • Doesn’t restore hits.

Unstoppable- Lets you stand back up IMMEDIATLEY after losing all hits, with the roleplaying taking centre stage. It takes 5 seconds to do, in which you have to shout “Unstoppable” to show you have performed the ability. You gain 3 hits, and you can then proceed to run away. You can also do this when not on your bleed count, but it is better to find a physic Important things to know:

  • While you are getting up, you don’t go back down if hit, but you take full damage after the call is done, so get the heck out of there!
  • You can’t use this on anyone else, and it doesn’t restore cleaves
  • If you are paralysed, you can’t use this skill, as it has to be used the same instance you go down.

Remember, Weakness prevents ALL of these, and hero points are very scarce, so remember to get it cured before the fight kicks off again!

What have I missed!

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Just a note, you don’t have to say the words unstoppable in order to use the skill, but you do have to exhibit appropriate roleplaying.


Good guide, though id point out magic and magic items allows a lot of calls from unexpected places, im always getting Strikedown out of a staff for example, or on one notable occasion had an Impaling Flail that flailed as it impaled :wink:


You missed “spend a hero point in order to react in whatever way you choose in response to a roleplaying effect”. I’ve used that a fair bit if I’m caught without an Anointing. Or even if the Anointing was getting in my way for a while.

Also that Hero Points are a valuable power source for a lot of magic items. So Hero is a great buy even without any additional skills.


Yes, this! I don’t battle, so don’t have any heroic calls, but I have used hero points to overcome a roleplaying effect in an area when on an encounter.

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