Hey folks

Hey folks, new to Empire not new to LARP. Planning on starting at the first event of next year provided it does not clash with Fields of Illusion. I have read what was on the Wiki about Highguard and they seem to match the kind of character I want to make.

Just a couple of questions:

Do I need to be in a chapter?

Does anyone have any good websites they get affordable armour from?

Is fighting with shield and sword a requirement? I only ask because I like the idea of smiting my enemy with a Warhammer.

There will be other answers here soon enough but here I go;

  1. Generally yes to belonging to a chapter but you can invent your own and be its single representative to Anvil (for reasons ) - then you can (but by no means must) either get informally adopted by a bigger group / chapter or formally join another chapter over time (chapter swapping is a cultural thing) but retain your own identity and back story. You can also approach the several different existing chapters about joining before next year - there are plenty of recruiters! Matt Heath should be able to give you the unbiased low down on the existing chapters as he plays our NPC / DPC Egregore.

  2. No idea sorry but I’m sure others will answer the armour question soon enough. The Empire wiki does have a page on Traders that might be of use; profounddecisions.co.uk/empi … ader_Links

  3. Sword & board is not a requirement though Highguard usually end up fighting as a line with skirmishers. There are plenty of double handed weapons in Highguard (the Shatter heroic call is incredibly useful) and a smattering of long spears too.

Hope this helps and hope to see you next year!

Hi there! I’m sure you will get plenty of advice/help on here. The first event next year will be over the Easter weekend, as it is every year, if that helps.

[quote]Just a couple of questions:

Do I need to be in a chapter?[/quote]

Nope! In fact the wiki notes a number of places which are not Chapters at all, but settlements. The archetype of a player character is someone from a Chapter but I don’t read it as a necessity. People live in Bastion, Necropolis, and other smaller places which aren’t Chapters per se. You could either look to be joining a chapter in play - since membership is generally based on ideology, not hereditary lines - or you could decide to be the only member at Anvil from a heretofore unrepresented Chapter. Either way, don’t feel restricted - changing Chapter is entirely supported IC.

Depends what you’re after; I am sure others will have better suggestions than I though.

Absolutely not - any weapons work! Warhammers feel very in style for Highguard in my opinion, in particular.

I was also wondering, do we create our characters at the first event we go to? Or can we create them beforehand?

Yes you’ll be able to create a character online on the main PD website (profounddecisions.co.uk/) once it comes back up as people are still in a field on the Odyessy takedown at the moment.

Don’t forget you don’t have to spend any or all of your skill points straight away (so if you find you’re not sure quite which direction you want to go in you could hold some back) and you can spend them during the event. Or it’s totally fine to spend them all if you know what you want to do.