Hi guys! My introduction and a few questions!

Hello, people!

Name’s Sean Atkins! Always had an interest in participating in LARP; and now that I have the money to do so, I’m finally doing it!

I’ve always had an interest in Roleplaying, and I’ve have been RPing for almost six years now through multiple mediums; being that on games such as Guild Wars 2 and Garry’s Mod, and also forum based Roleplay on a community that was known as Roleplay Wonderland.

I’m new to LARP, so I’ll be more than happy to take in as much advice as you can offer me! The character that I have created is a Steinr Wintermark, as a Bannerman. Currently in no Banner, Coven or Sect though.

I’ve read a lot about the lore, and about how the Wintermark should dress, and I feel that my gear is relevant enough. I shall send a picture of me wearing the gear once my Boots and gloves are made.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the upcoming event due to being at my workplace and them denying me a holiday. Sobs

I also have a two little questions that I would like to be answered, if you people want to take the time to answer them :slight_smile:

1: With the trim on the tunics that symbolises a Wintermarker; does it have to be of a certain colour? (For example, the colours of your Banner; or whether you’re a Steinr, Suaq, or Kallavesi)

2: How would one ICly join a Banner?

For the first: I don’t think there’s any specific reason to have it a specific colour. :slight_smile:

Joining a banner? What you’ll want to do is tell Wintermark people that you’re looking for some people to fight alongside. I’d suggest asking around a bit, not just jumping on the first one who seems vaguely accepting - find some people you get on with. You can make some fun for yourself out of that - going round, getting to know the different groups, and finding people you (and your character!) can feel at home with.

Mechanically, what you need to do is get a member of the Band (this works for all three of Banners, Covens and Sects) and a magician (these can be the same person; if you’re a magician you can do it yourself); you’ll also need a ref. The member of the band walks you through swearing the group oath, the magician casts Create Bond, and IC you’re done - you just need the ref to input some things onto the system to make sure it’s recorded properly.

(The main thing there is your character ID (abbreviated to CID) - a number that identifies you on the system. It’s worth having a note of this to speed things up - the refs can find you from your OOC name or character name, but CIDs are quicker.)

Coordinating your kit’s look with your group is a great way to look cooler en-mass on the battlefield. But I wouldn’t sweat it as long as you’re following the Wintermark Look and Feel and Costume advice you don’t need to worry about your trim matching.

And also as a new player you don’t need to be perfect as long as you’ve made an effort and then you can gradually improve your kit as you get the chance.

And MorkaisChosen has it right wandering round as someone looking to join a banner, selling your talents, getting various halls to sell themselves to you and hearing tales of their various deeds is a great way to spend your first event. Also trying a group on for size before committing to joining full time is usually a good thing so you can make sure you get on with people OOC as well :slight_smile:. There will be plenty of people who will want you as part of their gang, so be choosy as you’re worth it :slight_smile:.

Hi Sean, welcome to the party.

As people have said, the mechanics of joining a Banner are to swear the super-secret oath and have a magician zap that bond with magic.
The fun part of joining a Banner is finding a Banner worthy of your service. Be picky… you are an awesome warrior and they should be lucky to have you in service. Force people to impress you with the purpose and drive.

And look for people with a cool oath. None of this “By Grabthar’s Hammer and the Suns of Warvan, you will be avenged” stuff… there are some cool oaths out there that will leave you with more questions of just what you signed up for. Dark and secret oaths that you have to earn your way into the inner circles of…

And if there aren’t, set your own one up and get other people to join it. :slight_smile:

My favourite oath is “I swear to abide by the terms of this here contract.”

But that’s much more a Brass Coast thing than a Wintermark one. :wink:

EDIT: though of course my old Highguard group’s Sect oath was a basically a slightly more flowery “I swear to act in accordance with the Chapter Creed” - variants are workable. :smiley:

The only other thing to mention might be to seek out your Egregore(s). They’re likely to know which groups are recruiting or would be open to such things and which are likely to align with your interests.

Thank you all for the help, I appreciate it!

My gear will be arriving soon and with hopes, I may actually be able to appear for the Summer Solstice.

I’ve purchase my staple gear (Tunic, leather armour / spaulders / gaters / bracers / tassets, sword/shield, and some other things for Casual) and I’ll be planning to add some extra stuff onto it such as a chain underpiece (Maybe) and some more fur lining on the neck and other places to make my armour more cultural to the Steinr; plus, I like to don a bulky look when it comes to wearing armour.