Highborn choir

If anyone is interested in joining a Highborn choir to have a go at some of the part songs, please come join us at facebook.com/groups/617177704972126/ where we are trying to organise ourselves.

Currently the plan is as follows:

Given the limited amount of time we will actually have to practice as a group the aim is for people to try to learn their voice parts before E5 so that when we do get together we can focus on putting the parts together rather than everyone trying to learn from scratch. Over the next few weeks, as I get music transcribed, I will post the pdfs in the choir’s Facebook group along with midi files for separate voice parts so that people who don’t read music or prefer to learn by ear can use them as an aid.

Can I just say, I am so jealous of the Highguard choirs. There have been times in both games I’ve attended that I’ve just wanted to hide the fact I’m playing League and join you all. Please, please keep it up. Both events you have made my character smile (and once, when she really, desperately needed to!)

Sounds great, I didn’t know such a thing as this existed (although I missed E3).
I’ll see if I can join up

We haven’t had a formal choir up to know. There have been a group of us accompanying the armies to the portal (trying to fulfil the idea of the battle choir) and I have been organising general singing practices in Highguard. However the focus has been on congregational singing, to get as many as possible to know some of the key songs, so we can get everyone joining while we wait for battles etc. The idea now is to form an actual choir to look at some of the songs with multiple voice parts etc who can sing at national festivals etc.

I am so joining Highguard when I die.