Highgaurd Wizard Heal Noob Costume Query

Hi all!

I posted a while ago in the new players section here with a general introduction and query to get our minds rolling.

Now, i’ve settled on my character, my wife has a general idea of what she wants and we’re both thinking of our kit.

As a Highgaurd Battlemage with a focus on healing spells and rituals, I was looking to keep my costume somewhat simple for our first event, but am stuck on whether to buy or craft (though both options have their issues).

My main query is, what is the best way to go about “Mage Armor”? I’m willing to seek out getting some lovely, rune-engraved leather items for it, but is there an alternate way? We’re both pretty sure we’re never going to leave Empire, cause RP addicts, but first event cautiousness is taking our minds atm.

Anyone got any sound advice?

Feel free to reply or PM here or Josh Furlong on the Empire: Highgaurd Facebook.


GreyFox137 / Josh Furlong

Highguard mage armour…

…I’m thinking something formal. Similar to clerical vestments, possibly with labyrinth symbols, listings of the virtues, proverbs and the like, written on them in something…?

You could do a nice shoulderpads and pectoral out of stiff dark blue cloth, and paint stuff on with silver fabric/acrylic paint? With hood and large belt, possibly a stole as well, i think that would work as a “Holy Wizard” look?

Mage Armour needs to look more Mage than Armour. So use various materials, lots of symbols or runes or similar, and make something that looks impractical as armour, but impressive as hell.

You’ll get more replies, I’m sure, but this is just my 2 rings worth :slight_smile:

Mine is decorated leather, metal embossed medallion things in my case, although I have seen some beautiful chapter coloured rune decorated sets in highguard too.

There are several people with decorative chain or scale mail shoulder pieces but that’s not the cheap option either!

Hero belts and circlets are very common, with the circlet usually being worn all the time, battlefield or not. Hero belts for mage armour don’t have to be leather, fancy cloth with bits from broken up necklaces would work, that would also go for shoulder pauldrons. Plenty of circlets available all over ebay and etsy, or even try Claires on the highstreet!

Adding painted on runes, virtue symbols or chapter badges to leather or metal vambraces would complete the necessary pieces for a set. Acrylic paint lasts quite well on most surfaces.

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I play a Highguard battle mage, my mage armour consists of a hero belt, some matching bracers, and a set of leather pauldrons and gorget. Nothing overly flashy, but they all match and as my character is also an Unconquered, so I’ve intentionally gone for a slightly utilitarian style of mage armour.

Other Highguard battle mages I know go for some rather nice scalemail pauldrons, or plate mage armour (piecemeal sections, clearly not armour).

I’ve always thought a more martial look for mage armour suits highguard, possibly with labyrinth designs here and there.

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