Highguard Archers

During the battle on Saturday I was organising a lot of the healers in the centre of the block; everyone did a great job of naturally falling into order; not just supporting their own lines, but moving into the flanking lines, and being very vocal about what they could or couldn’t cure, and how much healing they had available. I actually found myself giving out a lot of my potions for other people to administer, while I fought skirmish orcs off of the rest of the healers, but it all worked out well (even if my group’s grandmaster was killed by a dragon. It was satisfying killing it with a bonesaw, but not quite so satisfying when it just got up again, ate it’s mate, and got back to distracting players!)

Anyway, I wanted to extend a big thank you to the Highguard archer leader, and the archers in general, who repositioned when requested; from the healer position at the centre we were calling out a lot of holes in the orc walls, and the archers would ran across ranks to take down the non-shield using or shattered-shield Orcs in the gaps, as well as a thank you to the priests who when they found out they were needed for exorcisms came over to me and the League runners whenever called.

Our pleasure… if the Empire demands we serve.

Just to be clear, is this the cross-national archer group were talking about, or those highguard who stuck with their chapters? I tried to keep the cross-nationals moving and correctly positioned, but it was an uphill struggle given that the team didn’t know each other very well yet.

To all those cross-national archers: I am DAMN PROUD of you. You did good. Maybe I didn’t notice you at the time, because I was trying to keep all my girls and boys alive and where they needed to be. Doesn’t matter. You, personally, did good, and next time we’ll do even better. Sound like a plan?

In any case, glad to see some archers getting noticed. Cheers. It means a lot.