Highguard Camp Layout E4 2016

We will largely be winging this one this time but I would like to make sure we can sanity check this, just in case.

If you could add your tent details below, including group, size and notate if it is a sleeping/kids tent I will attempt to ensure we do not end up building a giant HG buckaroo of tents :slight_smile:

5m bell sleeping tent with kids
4m bell sleeping tent
3m bell sleeping tent

Medium wheel tent.group tent
Army Dining shelter group tent
Ridge tent 3 m by 8m

For the cenotaph

Storms Fury,

1: 3m by 2m (sleeping)
1: 25ft by 18ft (sorry not in metres,)

Raven’s Watch

5m Bell Tent - hired from PD under the name Jaclyn Fry - group tent
3m Bell tent - IC sleeping

Suns of Couros
3 x 5 meter bell (ic seeping)
1 x 5 by 5 square tent
Plus fire pit

blue and white pd burgundian this is a tea house so ideally near the road

Cohort of the Winter Bear

1 20ft Group Markey Tent plus fire pit

IC camping no kids
2 x 5m Bell Tents
4m Bell tent
3m Bell tent
Sleeping tarp

Felix’s Watch

1 x 10m x 5m Tent
1 x 5m Pavillion
1 x 4m Bell
1 x 4m Bell - IC sleeping with kids

Silent Tide:

7 or 8 bells or equivalent
large group tent
fire pit area

Zephaniah’s lament:

1 9’x9’ garage tent
1 12’x12’ square pavilion

Shattered Tower…Reikos

PD 3 Pole Marquee - (Booked in name of Scott Anderson) - Chapter tent (20x36ft + guys) (Group tent)
Attached Awning (6mx6m) (Group tent)

Cart (2.5mx5m) (Food)

Bell (4m) (Sleeping)
Bell (4m) (Sleeping)
Bell (4m) (Sleeping)

Woodych Harts

One 4m bell tent. (Sleeping)

That is all.

Scions of Ravensfell

1 x 7m Bell tent (Group meeting and eating)
2 x 5m Bell tents (IC sleeping)
3 x 4m Bell tents (IC sleeping)
1 x awning ? 3 x 4m