Highguard Camp Layout S3E4 September 2015

Hi folks.

Well, I think I’ve realised why the plan didn’t work right last time: I believe the north boundary of our camp is hopelessly optimistic if it’s meant to have a stewardship strip and a road between us and the hedge (it’s difficult to tell; the background graphic has been fuzzed by importing and zooming and other lossy operations). So I’ve pulled the northernmost pitches in a bit. Last plan on this map anyway, so next time maybe it’ll get properly represented on our gDoc…

I’ve had no info for Storm’s Fury, Scions of Ravensfell or Cohort of the Winter Bear, so I’ve chopped them to what I think they usually turn up with (as opposed to the peak attendance we had at E3) in an effort to shorten the camp and reduce the “stuck off in a corner somewhere” quotient. There’s a bunch of dead ground at the east end of the camp if people want to pitch sleeping tents, and each group should have enough room for their active IC establishment in the main part of the camp.

docs.google.com/drawings/d/1rHZ … sp=sharing

If you want to bring the map to site on a tablet or phone, I’ve found the best way is to export it to a pdf; you can zoom into that better than any other format I’ve experimented with so far, at least on my Android tablet. Fruitier tech may have different optima.

Unfortunately I won’t be at the event since I’m due to have surgery on Wednesday to sort out my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and I’m not keen on trying to keep surgical wounds clean in a field when I don’t have full use of my hands… But Steve Churchett from the Shattered Tower, another Highborn Redcap has agreed to wrangle the layout on-field, so I’ll leave you in his capable hands.

As ever, IC space and space to facilitate children gets priority and if we’re struggling, tents used purely for sleeping and storing personal gear close by might have to get shuffled off to either the OOC field, or the back of the IC area, not necessarily bang close to your group IC tents.


Felix’s Watch
1 x 10m x 5m - IC
2 x 5m Pavillion - IC

Raven’s Watch from Necropolis are hiring a 5m Bell tent from PD.

Should be in the name Jaclyn Fry.

Shattered Tower (Sh)

PD double Garage Tent - (Booked in name of John Neal) + Attached 4m x 8m Awning
PD Large Burgundian - (Booked in name of Matt Lyons) + Attached 4m x 3m Gazebo + 6m x 6m Awning
3m Bell (Crew - Steve C)
4m Bell
4m Bell
3m Bell

Please can the Suns of Couros have space for the following IC tents:

3m bell tent
5m bell tent
7m x 5m marquee
5m x 5m marquee
1 Getteld thingy

**Cantiarch’s Hold (CH)

My best guess

20ft * 20ft Army Marquee - Storm guys go out considerably further but can be tweaked according to need. This is the green square we used for the first two events.
14ft * 14ft Canvas Dining shelter - this is our usual cooking shelter probably 20 * 20 with the guys out.
6m Emperor Bell * 1(next to group tent)
5m Bell * 2
4m Bell * 1

Zephaniah’s Lament


Ridgepole 6.5 x 5m. Door opening is on longer side.


Silent tide

8m group tent
5 or 6 bell tents or similar
Fire pit area


Can please add a 6m bell tent for the Suns list?



Hi, apologies for delay.


Unbound Chapter.

2 x 3 metre Gazebos.
2 x 5 metre Bell Tents.

Thank you!

Hey sorry for lateness again.
Storms Fury.
4m X 7m (i think i cant remember, hopefully you will remember it.)
2m x 3m tent

Hi apologies for being late again

Cohort of the Winter Bear

No hired tents

One bell tent 5sx5m including guys
One awning around 6x6m
and fire pit area

Sorry for the late reply, I have now discovered that the Isle of Man has very poor internet connections!

The Scions of Ravensfell this time are less in number so the plan already drawn up can be very flexible.

For completeness and to help Stephen with planning here is what we will be bringing:

Scions of Ravensfell (SoR)
1 x 6x6m awning
3 x 4m Bells
1 x 3x2m ridge tent

See you all soon