Highguard Camp layout S4E1 Easter 2016

Top post edited to incorporate info provided. Some queries remain:

Woodwych Harts and Peregrine’s Eye: I do not know which Territory you belong to. Please let me know ASAP, or I’ll inevitably get it wrong.

Silent Tide: I don’t know how big your bell tents are.

Cenotaph: is the bell just a sleeping tent?

Reumah’s Redoubt: whose name is the 5x5 square booked under?

Any more for any more?!


I believe Peregrines Eye are a Bastion chapter.



Woodwych are a Casinea chapter.

The RR small marquee should be under my name unless Matt P did wronged :slight_smile:


Some issues arising now I’ve had chance to look at the PD list of hired tents for HG players.

Matt: your square isn’t on the list of player-hired tents for the Nation camps; best check with admin whether they have it reserved in some other pot.

There is a Bell Tent listed in the PD stuff as being hired by Tony Harvey; is this one of the Cantiarch’s Hold bells that are listed, or an additional one?

I hope to get a map done tonight (I got halfway the other night). I’ll be able to adjust in response to feedback until bedtime (22h00) Monday.