Highguard - Unconquered

Hi! Hope everyone is good, Im new to Empire, still to attend my 1st event, just wondering how many Chapters in Highguard are Unconquered only and what are they’re names? We’re Exiles an Unconquered Chapter who have disbanded?

Looking forward to the next Event…

Very few chapters are all one thing I think, most have a few of various archetypes in each.

Mine has Magisters, Healers, Guardians and priests, and several who are 2 or more of those at once.

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Echoing @CharlieP, I don’y know of any purely Unconquered chapters on the field. There are chapters with a higher proportion of Unconquered, but most are a mixture of all the archetypes.

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Thank you, I just read somewhere that there’s a chapter that specializes in training Unconquered and that you need at least 1 priest in your group/chapter (if unconquered only) in order not to fall fowl of the inquisition.

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Well, coming alone for the 1st one, plan is 1 healer 1 mage 1 priest otherwise chapter will be limited to 30 Unconquered supporting the Catapharats. Do we go out to battle as a nation or chapters only?..Probably won’t be getting involved in the senate… Probably die mate but hey…‘Victory or Death’

Look to meeting you all IC…

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First up, welcome aboard!

The Shattered Tower used to be almost pure Unconquered but that went out the window years ago :smiley:

It certainly worked as a concept though, an archetype is more an ideal than a skills restriction, Unconquered more than most!

AFAIK Exile was an Unconquered training camp/centre rather than a chapter exactly, but yeah the Druj flattened it.

The Inquisition isnt something that exists as an entity either, (Though some try every so often) so dont feel compelled to have a priest, though in Highguard priests are the centre of political power which they occasionally club the rest of the nation with so its not the worst idea to have one :slight_smile:

Oooh also worth mentioning Unconquered arent just restricted to support, you get all sorts of interesting missions from the generals during battles and the occasional focused quest or other plot too.

Plus you can always make your own fun being spec ops around Anvil :wink:

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Not sure where you hear this, but it’s completely untrue


Cool good to know reading the Forum notes it does come across like that, what if our priest was Friar Tuck Archetype just getting drunk all the time, would he fall foul to the other Priests? but virtuous at heart…

The Empire has no religious contract such as “priest must be pious”, or “priest must be sober”. Only “priest must be virtuous”.


Thank you again for answering all my Noob questions will learn more IC at next event. Take care…

No problem. I play an unconquered, so if you have any other questions just let me know.


Priest who enjoys his pleasures is a classic prosperity priest archetype if you look through that virtue and it’s auras :).

Unconquered wise, it’s not a problem with having a Whole chapter of you :). Although I would say that includes battlemages as they’re super useful in getting you moving again and very helpful messing up the enemy.

In recent times HG’s main thrust has been solid shield walls. But the group I go to battle with have had some success as flying trouble shooters. I’d recommend getting a thorough understanding of the battles objectives (and the specific wording of the battle brief) and understanding what HG and other nations will be doing so your command is able to make decisions on the fly and take advantage of you being a fast moving group of skirmishers.

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I was probably watching too much Knightfall while reading the Forum and Wiki, (Highguard Being a mix of Crusader Knights/Gondorian) and the Post on HighGuard limiting game or game something.
The Chapter realistically will come into Play by E4, due to summer holidays during E3 a lot them will be on holiday abroad or at summer camp. But will come with some peeps during E3.
Yes, Good time now to properly learn everything from the wiki before E2 which is now E1.


Hi again,
Do Unconquered wear chainmail?, or just aluminum chain as it counts as medium armour and is more for the aesthetic appearance.
Could you have an Unconquered ‘Warden’ type archetype in group with Spear, javelin, and wooden shield? (emphasis on wooden)

If you can run around in it as unconquered then feel free to wear it. I have seen a few of the fit people running around in full chain under their surcoats, which really annoys the barbarian archers! Hiding it under a surcoat or tunic top to hide the sheen and muffle the noise would be definitely in character though.

Anyone with a shield and spear is really looking a less mobile fighting style and would probably be styled a Guardian instead, which is basically almost any infantry role. Do be aware that the woods at the site are quite well grown especially in the summer moths and carrying long weapons and bigger shields through the woods is difficult to do at speed.

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Chain is fine for unconquered, but most tend to wear studded leather at most. The idea of unconquered is they are mobile skirmishers/flankers/scouts so they tend to avoid heavy armour.

Weapons-wise, many unconquered are archers, but an equal number use swords, spears and shields (although smaller shields tend to be more common). I myself am an unconquered battlemage, so I carry a staff.

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I think I figured out that the Lost Company were ‘The Grey watchers of Peytaht’? who i suspect were an Unconquered chapter?
Is the dude who ran it still around? Do you think he’d be interested in a come back? Lost… as in all dead? presumed dead?
Is there a way I could make contact with him/her? Or has he/her retired from game or moved on to another nation, another storyline?
Just thinking about some continuity to story line rather than all of a sudden a new chapter pops up?

Looooads of Unconquered wear mail, the system really encourages it, mostly because as an archer, other archers are your main enemy :smiley: Steel is kinda better than ali in fact because ali mail is so shiny.

You could indeed have an unconquered with spear and board but as Charlie says thats really straying into Guardian territory and also bulky if you are looking at full sized versions of both, its a lot easier to manoeuvre with one or the other, so like a long spear held two handed would be perfect or maybe a kite shield with a hand weapon.

That said Spear/Shield/Javelin is a classic Highborn fighting style, whatever their shield is made out of (I recommend foam tbh :wink: )

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Im just thinking of using chainmail for leadership roles within chapter most will have medium leather armour. I mean were sought of special forces so we should be adaptable wether in a unconquered formation (then i would have some spears present in the formation)on the main battlefield, or receiving orders to scout then one would send a smaller group out.