Horizon's Razor Edge and Daggers

The wording for Horizon’s Razor Edge states that “The target may call CLEAVE once each day with any melee weapon except a pike.”
The wording for daggers states that “The only difference between a dagger and a one-handed weapon is that you cannot use a dagger with any heroic skills or with enchantments suitable for one-handed weapons.”

Using a purely procedural train of thought, my brain would read this as a player being able to use a dagger to Cleave when under the effects of Horizon’s Razor Edge, even though it would usually be unable to. Since the wording for the ritual just gives the ability to make the call (meaning it isn’t a heroic skill giving the ability) and it doesn’t state that it applies specifically to one-handed weapons, the exclusionary clause in the dagger description wouldn’t apply to the ritual.

That’s not to say I actually plan on going around using a dagger to throw around cleaves. Was just curious about the interaction and whether the rules for the game are strictly intended as worded, or if they follow a “spirit of intent” approach where it allows for flexibility for referees to say no to something even though it follows the “letter of the law”, as it were.

A follow up to this, I assume that you can’t use it to cleave with a wand, rod, or staff due to them being “implements” and not “weapons”?

This sounds like a potential grey area for which only rules@profounddecisions.co.uk can give a ruling outside of events.

If this was raised to a ref in the field, they would likely either already know the answer (as this may well have come up before), or they might try and get a ruling from the head ref.

I believe HRE doesn’t work for implements, but again, rules@pd is the official source here.

The question applies to Swan’s Cruel Wing too, since that has exactly the same effect.

I am absolutely confident that HRE does not apply to implements. Implements and weapons are disjoint categories, as you note.

For the other question, I would encourage emailing rules@, since no answer you can get on these forums is official.

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