Horse Skull valuable?

If someone were to lay hands on a horses skull, or facsimile of one, would such an item be valuable IC? Would it be worth perhaps putting in the public auction, with appropriate backstory?

Given the lack of living horses and the near-mythical and almost-sacred nature of them, I imagine it would be considered very valuable, especially to Highborn.

I would however, suggest double-checking with before doing so.

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There’s only one horse skull that I know of on the field and it’s my chapters relic that we hang in our main tent :slight_smile: . So yes they can be considered to be very valuable to the right people.

If you want it to have backstory though it’ll need a ribbon so people can do Skein of Years on it and that also needs plot approval, so give them an email and see what they say.

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Thanks for the info, by backstory I don’t necessarily mean plot or a place in history, more just a reason it exists on field, recovered from a cave in Ossium, or old trophy liberated from Dubtraigh for example. Still talk to PD?

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I’d be careful about where it turned up. Horses are not native to this continent, and virtually none of them made their way outside Highguard.

Any horse skull inherently has a place in history, and there are IC history nerds who will get exited about anything your horse skull suggests about the course of history. Finding horse remains is a Big Deal.


Best thing is probably to contact PD at the plot email address - as @Corinthus says, a horse skull is a fairly important thing to the history of the Empire, and I can’t imagine PD want them to become a common thing (there is the risk that more people will get them the more that they appear on field). They may come back and have no problem with it, but better to know for sure!