I have now got myself a nice pair of hose from Sally Green, with eyelets to attach to my doublet or Pourpoint.
But I don’t really want to attach to my doublet (so I can still take this off separate) and the waist is too high to belt.

Would it be acceptable to go for some sort of braces?

I have a pair of braces for that reason (though I rarely need them). It’s best not to have them showing, but better braces than losing your hose whilst wandering through Anvil!

I’ve seen a trick where you tie the points to each other around the top of the hose so that they act somewhat like a belt - seemed perfectly OK for wandering around, but probably less so for when exerting yourself. Alternatively if you do have pourpoint/sleeveless doublet unlace the points at the front apart from the bottom ones and shrug it off the shoulders - again should keep the hose up but does look a bit inelegant/agricultural :wink:

The ‘best’ solution if you want a lightweight thing to wear so you can take off your doublet without having your hose go walkies is probably a pourpoint of some type, ideally pure linen for minimum warmth etc if that’s what your concern is.

Of course, why would you ever take off your doublet?

Crucial question, Split hose or joined hose?

I think the idea of a linen pourpoint sounds good.

In answer to the last question; Joined Hose.

Thanks for the thoughts folks