+++hotfix 2.2.1+++

+++HOTFIX 2.2.1+++


Okay I wasn’t expecting to do this but… we’re patching our own patch notes. All the big companies do it.

Short version - we’re transitioning from liao physreps to liao cards.

Long version - profounddecisions.co.uk/empi … pdate_2016

We’d been planning to shift to liao cards over Winter for a couple of reasons - among them the way that the physreps are a major contributor to the need for refs for ceremonies we might otherwise be able to let players self ref; and the new Synod opportunities create big problems when it comes time to hand in 100 liao in a baggie designed for 0 liao to go into.

We’d tried a stopgap measure with the anointing oils, but when we sat down to finish designing them yesterday it became increasingly clear they were not fit for purpose - a single card that can be either an IC commodity or an OOC marker for an aura was a bit of a nightmare.

The fact we were doing a big overhaul and then already planning to do another thing six months later started to nag at us as well. Why were we waiting?

So we decided to bring the liao cards forward. This means you can do a quick insight, a dedication dream, or - most importantly - an anointing without needing a ref.

Instead of abointing oil, we’ve designed a set of aura cards. Any priest with anointing can come down to GOD and pick up a handful of aura cards for their dedication, and when they do their basic anointing they rip their card and give the aura to their target. Bish bash bosh jobs a goodun.

Once we’ve seen how the cards are going, we may also look at ways to remove the ref requirement from other skills (where it makes sense - you’re never likely to be able to do a thorough insight without a ref).

As the boss says on the rules page, the old phys-reps of liao will remain valid until the end of the Winter Solstice 2017

You can trade your phys-reps in at any time - but they’ll also remain valid for doing ceremonies WITH A REF until the deadline. After which they will no longer be liao, they will be physreps you attach a card to.

We’re still discussing what to do with all the physreps people hand in.

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