House oath

Hey! So my friends and I are makeing a new house in dawn. But we are unsure as to what format the oath should take. English? Latin? Short? More descriptive?

We are going to be a house based around monster hunting if that changes anything.

Can anyone help? or even just share their houses oath so we can get an idea of what they should be like?

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English is the physrep for Imperial.
Latin represents Old Asavean, a language that is the “Latin” of the game world. Old Asavean mottoes are popular on banners, and it was a relatively common second language among posh Dawnish early on on the Empire.

So you can use Latin, and it will make a statement about your house.


Are you a totally new house or an old one come back to anvil?

Brand new house

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As imperialsam said. We are all 21-23 so are planning on playing the new kids on the block. A new young house with our first time in anvil.

What have you called the House?
Talk to the egregore (Lady Griffinsbane) at the new player meeting if you can, she will help massively, you might be required to blood your house to gain recognition from other noble houses.

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So just because you are young and new doesn’t mean your house has to be.

5 Years ago the Empress Britta died taking with it most of Anvil’s elite, playing a house that was almost wiped out in that tragedy (possibly either with a single ancient knight who served as an Earl for your tests of mettle, or that one of you had just passed the Test of mettle at the time), and has only just really got back on it’s feet would fit perfectly with the setting. Particularly since age wise most of you probably have taken test of mettle between then and now.

If you are going for a new house it’s worth thinking about how most of you became nobles. You would have needed to pass a test of mettle from another house first. If so which house(s)? It’s an interesting idea to think about because it would be a way to start with background links to other groups, make connections before you have arrived.



We are going to be house tallstag. We plan on going to the new players meeting and introducing ourselves to as many key figures as possible on the first day to try and make friends and get involved.

Just from an OOC mechanic perspective. We can’t create charicters untill we create the house on the system. And can’t make a house without an oath. Background can be ironed out after… right?

Also I don’t suppose you could tell me more about ‘blooding’?


I didn’t know that little bit of history. But also our group of 6 plays have 3 with zero LARP experience and 3 with only one weekend at a diferent system. So being IC new at this would hopefully help explain a bit of our below average game knowledge.

Totally be IC new to this, the phrase ‘this is my first time in Anvil’ is really good for indicating such.

But how inexperienced your characters are might not relate to the IC age of your house.

In some ways it might be easier to come from the ancient house of Tall Stag, and IC not be brilliant on the history. Than create a new house (because not knowing history is easier to explain than not knowing something your characters did.)

So Oath, honestly pretty much anything goes. My House has “Destroy Barbarians and retake the Barrens” as our oath. I’m sure it’s a little more poetic (but not much) but it’s been a while since I used it. By contrast my sect (which is more a errantry group) has:

"In the darkness of the past, we seek the shadows of glory.
Searching for the shadows cast by lights long since past.
Shadows cast by Dawn’s greatest, of queens, of champions.
Yet despite of how bright their deeds once were.

Across the ages, shadow has faded, merging with darkness.
From those shadows that we can still wrest from obscurity.
Let legends be reborn, their deeds again to echo across the land.
From their stories, others may be inspired to burn brightly.

Learning lessons of past tragedies to avert the crisis of the future.
Let the knowledge of the past be a spark for even greater legends
So are born new lights, to cast new shadows on the future."

A good oath, is one that encourages you to do things. Work out what your group is about and make that the focus of your oath.

If it helps this is the affirmation for our Highborn chapter, probably not as glorious* as you’ll need for Dawn though.

As long as I stand, the White Horse stands.
As long as the White Horse stands, the Empire stands.
As long as the Empire stands, I have done my duty.
We are Cantiarch’s Hold.
We are Highguard
The Empire starts here.

*or heroically suicidal

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You may have need to recite your oath on the field (for inducting new members, to impress other groups, etc) so having something easy to remember and recite (and badass sounding) is always better IMO!