How big a thing is romance roleplay?

I would like to play a character that gets involved in (Read: Meddles with) romance and love (I AM Dawnish),
perhaps as a sort of ‘lonely hearts mage’, using auras to help people get confidence to declare love, cursing unfaithful lovers… speed dating in Chambers of delight! :stuck_out_tongue:
Do enough people roleplay romance, preferably of the tragic or hopeless variety, to justify me having these sort of goals?

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Well, this sort of roleplay would require you to be extremely proactive and search for the right people and situations to actually be of any use. I think that if you made it public (IE: “Dear citizens of the Anvil, me, the MASTER/MISTRESS of love will help you with any romance problem you may have!!”) sooner or later someone may approach and ask for your services.

And in the Anvil there are all sort of business, specially there are many tea saloons. So, making a tea and love saloon doesn’t sound that crazy to me :smiley:

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I was going to make a load of pamphlets and spread them around!
“Are you heartbroken? has your true love truely ended? Come find Felix and ask for the Chains of memory special! wipe that slate clean!!”

“Love is AMBITIOUS! Speak to Felix about furthering your plans for love!”
“Love is PROSPEROUS! Speak to Felix about being rich of heart!”
“Love is COURAGEOUS! To shy? Felix will free your soul!”


Man, if you spread those pamflets I will ask for your services :smiley:

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This will be my first time at Empire, and my first time doing more than a small local LARP, so I might be a bit rusty and clunky with my roleplay at first! But if I can make this work it should be great :smiley:

People in Empire are so welcoming that did surprise me a lot (and I´ve been LARPING for more than 15 years… back from the time when we built our armors with cardboard and the weapons were little more than soft cilinders…).

If it is going to be your first empire and fifrst large Larp, I would advise you to… hm how to say that… May be roleplay a “business viability study”, if you understand what I mean? If you simply spread the pamflets you may be disappointed if not much people show up, so it may be better if you start going out to engage people and talk to them directly of your work. They would then spread the word :slight_smile:

Aye yea, I have a back up concept to change to if I cant get this to work in any sort of fun way.
That would be a battlefield healer which I imagine is pretty guaranteed useful!
One hard skill I have though, is I am a fairly talented poet and Dawnish love poetry would be something I could do I think! I can waltz also, so teaching hopeless lovers to dance could be cute!

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Love is definitely a thing, Dawnish romance even more so. Look up the troubadour archetype, being a matchmaker is built in!

You do have to be mindful that there can be out of character boundaries to uphold which always override in character stuff, so keep a gentle OC eye in case someone looks uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to check in OC if you have concerns.
I’ll also note that there aren’t gender rules to courtship like the would be in a historical setting, Empire is built to be gender blind. You may have got all this already but thought I’d mention it.

But that sounds like a fab concept to me, get stuck in! Look up which anointings for your Virtue would be useful if you go down the priest-troubadour route, as well as rituals for mage.


Entirely off the record I can confirm that there might just be one or two people in Dawn and the League (and indeed across the field) who indulge in a bit of romance roleplay (aka Ballgowning).

You might even find entire sects of priests who dedicate their time to meddling in this sort of thing. You also might find the odd paper publication or two which thrives on gossip and encouragement of these sort of thing.

So yeah I’d ask about and you might be surprised at the interest you get :smiley:.


Ballgowning is a term that I have seen and would love to get involved in aha!!
Night magic looks surprisingly good for playing a doctor who mends BROKEN HEARTS!!

Night Magic has a bunch of rituals that can affect emotions in many ways but do take a look at the Priestly Annointings and Hallows, even the Priestly Dream power under Dedication, could also be very good for a love doctor.

I think that may be a long term goal, partly because there are some REALLY cool 8 and 10 magnitude rituals I would like to be able to master and solo cast! So I am going to dump exp into that.
And also, finding religion and getting dedicated could be a fun roleplay itself to do on the field!

Having said that, Loyalty priest does have some snazzy stuff in it…

Eight is theoretically doing as a starting character: Magician + 3 Lore, plus regio. 10 at that point is only a potion or money for a staff away. (remember getting lore 4 is a two year investment).

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right, so, alternate idea. Loyalty priest…
And artisan, to make bond rings? Any other items that would fit well in that?

I guess it comes down to which I would get more game out of, as I am likely to be non combat.

Dragonbone Symbols: allow you to get Mental strength (Hero points) back from your annointings when in an Consecration of the same virtue, You could fluff this as making the item as a thin chain (a symbol of Loyalty) and when some brings you a token of their love (a big thing in Dawnish hearth magic I believe) you could work the chain into the token while the person talks of their love, as a physrep for binding the Item too them (which you can do for free as an artisan.

Mendicant Cassock: A zero cost item that is basically a free rite each day. saves on your liao.

Or do both :slight_smile: Dedication (2) Hallow (1) Mage (2) Night Lore 2 (3) and then buy anoint after your first game. Have a look at the “Auras by Virtue” links on that page as I’m sure you’ll find some that are entertaining.

It’s more fun to cast rituals in a small group anyway and the finding of co-conspirators on the field should make some fun game for you. You’ll only need to find another Night Mage and master the same rituals to hit magnitude 8-10 in the regio.

One question to ask in Dawn is are you going in as a Yeofolk or Nobel? If you’re Yeofolk I’d recommend looking at Guising for a tradition of magic to come from. Alternatively you could be a Weaver. One other fun thing to play with in Dawn is Heraldric Magic.

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I did think of that! the only issue then is needing to get my hands on two different resources! Though, I suppose I could say if you want a ritual done, bring me mana!!

I am going as someone who passed their test of mettle but suffered a great failing and renounced their nobility so they could focus on fixing their percieved mistakes. If that is allowed in the brief.

That’s a point, but crystal mana is quite valuable so can be traded around. Although you will need to be a Yeofolk to really engage in trade as it’s not something Nobles are supposed to involve themselves in.

And I’m really not sure if it’s possible to stop being a noble in Dawn, pretty sure you can be disgraced and looked down upon by people, but I don’t think you can stop being a noble. Except by leaving Dawn for another nation.

Would anyone Dawnish like to weigh in here? :slight_smile: