How can I expend mana for spells?

Hey guys. Nyewwwb here. I believe you rip the card when using crystal mana, but I don’t know if you simply count the personal mana you use up, or if you do something else.
Also, I get you can’t use personal mana on rituals, but can you use crystal mana for spells?

For personal mana and hero points, just keep count. Because there are ways to increase or restore your hero and/or mana points there would be too much book keeping.

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This is also the same with magic weapons and items that work X per day.

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Mr_Haystacks has answered your first question, so I’ll get the second one.

You can indeed use Crystal Mana to cast personal spells; consuming a crystal mana (most mages actually mime scarfing down the crystals) allows you to cast any single spell per crystal. That means you can eat a crystal to cast a mana 1 or mana 2 spell. However, many mages agree this is a bit of a waste of crystal mana and is best only in emergencies.



NB the mana cards are slightly plasticised bits of card and quite difficult to rip if wet, or your hands are cold or in gloves. Sticking the ‘used’ ones in a separate pocket and handing them to a ref once off the battlefield or dropping them off at GOD next time you go past does also allow them to be re-used. Also littering should be discouraged!


The bit of the wiki that says you can use a mana crystal to cast a spell is here:

Er, what? I’ve never seen anyone do that, and I’ve not seen anything on the wiki that suggests eating the crystals. The crystal gets used up, so “consumed” in that sense, but I’m fairly sure we’re not meant to eat it. I always assumed that either they evaporated or they just became inert useless crystals. Certainly I’ve never had a ref say we should eat the crystals when doing a ritual (rather than spell).

Can you point to something on the wiki that says they should be eaten?

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No, it’s just what I have observed in play. Can you point to somewhere on the wiki where it says they shouldn’t be eaten?


Its the same as phyis-repping being a physic. It doesn’t matter as long as you are shown to be spending it.


This might help with eating mana crystals:'s_Vestment

The wiki does say that “If you have access to crystalized mana, then you may use these to cast spells instead of your personal mana”, but unfortunately that is all it says, i.e. it does not say how to do this. Reference:
It is the third paragraph on the page.

Edit: The use of crystal mana for personal mana is on the back of the mana crystal cards. It says on each card:
“Mana Crystal. Can be used by a character with the magician skill to cast one spell they know without expending their personal mana. Can be used by a character with a ritual lore skills to perform a ritual.”
Eating the crystal mana appears to be optional; I would assume that you can roleplay the mana crystal(s) being used up however you wish.
An image of the Mana Crystal cards from the wiki can be found here:
Scroll down to the images under the section on Vis.

You can use personal mana for rituals IF you take one of the various potions that has this effect, such as The Barren Watchtower for Winter lore, detailed here:



No, it’s just that eating them struck me as a really strange thing to do.
The wiki doesn’t mention eating them… but it also doesn’t mention dissolving them in vitriol, or burning them, or grinding them to dust, or anything else.

In fact I’ve just spent a while searching, and I don’t see anything that says you even need to have the crystal in your hand when casting (rather than just having it on your person), though imagine that’s the intention. Maybe this is something worth asking PD, and then perhaps they’ll make the Spellcasting paragraph of the rules more explicit.

I’ve always assumed that Mana is “consumed” when it’s used by disappearing from your hand where you’re holding it. So I just drop the phys rep and card into my pocket and then hand the card over to a ref or God when I have the opportunity. As long as you’re following the rules I suspect PD doesn’t care.

My character maintains her mana crystals turn into sticky goo when used. Therefore she always gives them to the person she is ritualising so they can have a sticky mess in their hand not hers.
She would assume if she had to eat one that the same would happen, and the goo is non-toxic.

I think that given the method for creating/growing mana crystals and their exact appearance are both below the abstraction layer, what happens when they are used is also below the abstraction layer. When I use mana crystals (either by spellcasting or through ritual magic), I imagine them either crumbling into dust, or becoming a useless inert rock that is not worth carrying around. One might have the belief that the different ways of creating mana have an effect on what happens when they are used up.


The method is on here:

Basically you grow crystals in a saturated solution, at points where they trap mana while they grow.

I use rock sugar (rock candy) for mine as it can be eaten, burned etc safely and it’s cheap.

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