How can I find the battle mages?

Hello, new in these forums!

So I’m playing a Corsair and battle mage (shield, sword/scepter, staff, mager armor…). Last Anvil I did try to find the Battle Mages (I honestly forgot the name of the group right now) but I was not successful.

What is the best place a Battle Mage can go in Anvil for a bit of roleplaying / learning / teaching skills?


There isn’t one specific place that battle mages go to hang out, but the Rod and Shield Conclave order might be a place to start.

In the Coast there are a few dotted around the various families, ask around and see who you can find.

Hi! If you come round to the Kohan banner there’s two of us there. I love playing one myself and I’m more than up for some rp/practice fighting - especially since I might be trying out staffs over sword/rod. Santana i Guerra, Flames of the Coast. Apart from that if you want some fighting there’s the glory square, and the conclave order previously mentioned. :smile:

As @LauraH says the Rod and Shield will have a bunch in Conclave so chatting to them before or after should get you some introductions.

The War Mage as well could point you in the direction of some too I think.

Also throw a brick in Urizen and you might find one :slight_smile: and I think they try and do some combined arms training during events so ask around there.

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And if you’re completely out of ideas, come to Dawn, stand in the Glory Square, and demand a duel with a battle mage. You’ll almost certainly get some takers, and if they aren’t battle mages themselves, well, you could use a breadth of opponents.

Echoing what others have said, there is no central group of battlemages. Even the Rod and shield is only more likely to contain battlemages. I know of several that are in other orders.

That said, it would be an excellent reason to go out and talk to people. Wander into each nations camp and say that you wish to discuss tactics with other battlemages, and ask them to point you to the best battlemage in their nation. Easy way to find other battlemages, and also cause some amusing potential arguments at the same time. :wink:

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