How common are clocks?

I know they exist in the world, but how common are they in day-to-day/ anvil? do people go around with poket watches or just on large ‘towers’? I’ve never been to empire before and want to know what to do about personal clocks.

There’s a clock in the Hub.

I have a dim memory of a clocktower in Highguard? Can anyone confirm this?

I have a small wristwatch which shares my wrist with a bundle of bracelets and jewellery to keep it subtle. I also have a necklace with a watch face inside the pendant.

Watches are common but people tend to keep them tucked discreetly out of sight.

Highguard usually has a clock on the noticeboard outside our chapel.

There is also a clock on one side of the senate building, and the academy has one too I beleive.

Clockwork is current technology and as those at Anvil are the best of the best carrying a pocket watch, or wearing a ring or necklace with an analogue clock face is in character.

Wearing a watch with a modern band can look out of place, and using your phone like most of us do day today is definitely best reserved for OOC!

They are uncommon but present. I blame the League, and Merrow artisans willing to spend ages making tiny tiny complex mechanisms with inhuman concentration and precision :slight_smile:

I suspect that there are clock towers in all the League cities, a few in major Highguard chapters (probably connected to large bell towers), and some in the big Brass Coast family houses, where time is money.

I doubt there are many clocks in the other nations. I can see Urizen having some, or preferring a celestial orrery, or a water clock. The other nations (including Dawn) I can imagine sticking to clock-candles and sun-dials.

And yeah, given the elite status of the Anvil attendees, several of them will be showing off their big fob pocket watches. Tiny watch-sized clocks I think of as something subtle to keep out the way. I think of mine as phys-repping the “skilled time-sense” skill that isn’t on my character sheet, but which I’d take if I could…

No digital watches :slight_smile:

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“The Grand Clocktower - a unique wonder in the Empire, a mechanical time-keeping device on a massive scale, was built by the founders of the guild.”

Seems to suggest that there’s only one clocktower in the Empire, or at the very least at that scale. And it’s in Holberg.

The Grand Clocktower in Holberg - a mechanical time-keeping device on a massive scale and a unique wonder in the Empire - was built by the founders of the famous Wunderkind guild. Significantly less impressive clocktowers are found in all the League cities, and in places such as Meade and the White City of Bastion. As understanding of clockwork has slowly advanced, smaller and smaller clocks have begun to appear. When most people think of a clock they imagine the grand mechanical devices overlooking busy squares; wealthy individuals can also afford a personal clock that they keep in their own homes. Indeed, within the last few years even smaller clocks - clocks that can be kept in a pouch or pocket - have become fashionable (although they remain quite expensive). These “pocket clocks” are especially prevalent at Anvil, where the richest and most influential people gather.


From what I’ve obseved in play, pocket watches are popular, although they might be nebulously “off brief” for some nations / factions. There are also ring watches that hide the face under costume jewellery; these are great for keeping things subtle and under wraps.
Some people use day candles with marks to tell the time (and suffer when their Vigilance slips and the candle goes out).
Using a sundial at Anvil requires Courage, and possibly a ritual to keep the sun shining.

Fob Watches, nurses watches,hidden watches and such are just so useful from a ic and oc perspective that they would creep in anyway. They are common enough that every one could have one.

If you want your own clock in Anvil, to make it look authentic you can carve it from wood.