How do artificers work


How do artificers work, do you have to have the phys-rep or is it a ribbon you put on a weapon


You need a phys-rep, but you can just put (say) a magic sword ribbon on any random sword


Also worth noting that you can put any 1 handed weapon ribbon on any 1 handed weapon phys rep. I.e. Vorpal Blade can go on an axe.

PD will print off the ribbon between events and include it in your pack. Until you want to use the item you won’t need a phs rep.


At the end of an event, you put your materials into your inventory at good (but only if you need them for down time) and then during down time you are able to submit a request for a certain item to be created. If you have the right materials then next event you will have the ribbon to put on the specific class of item it was made for. So if it is for heavy armour then it must go on heavy armour and not just any armour.

If someone wants to use this item, it must be bonded to them. Either you can do it, if you have made the item, or a mage can do it if it was made by someone else.

If you take the artisans skill while creating a character, you will receive three of the ribbons for that characters premier event.

I believe you have four options of items that you can make at first. The first option is the least expensive, the second, middling, the third most and the fourth has no restrictions.


If you are planning on selling your crafted item for your income feel free to make use of the hessian sack trick.

Put something (spare clothes, a stick, couple of logs etc) in a hessian sack. You can now tote this round Anvil selling your wares. When you have a possible customer you can open the sack, show them the ribbon, then retire to their tent, or some other out of the way area to complete the sale and tie the ribbon to their phys rep.

That way you dont need 3 sets of armour, or half a weapons rack to sell your items, but it doesn’t look as lame as wandering around with just a handful of ribbons.

Of course if you do happen to have a suitable weapon or armour phys rep then please do take that around to sell, it does look so much better, just transfer the ribbon to your buyers phys rep when the sale is made.


Okay so to clarify, I can just sell the ribbon and bind it to them, but the phys-rep being the sword they own?


Yes. It would be too expensive if you had to buy the phys-reps and then give them to people for in game money.


Yes that was what I thought but it isn’t made clear in the rules. Thanks


Also if it is I only skim read


No problem, didn’t realise that was what you were asking, otherwise I would have been able to be a lot more concise. Usually with a lot of rules and mechanics, they are made with OOC in mind. If it wouldn’t be possible to do it OOC or would be very inconvenient then it would be very unlikely that there is a mechanic for doing it IC. You also need to think about safety and things like that. In this case, it is that it the inconvenience of it.


It’s not obvious. I used to make items that I generally used, so, when I was selling the sheild enchantment, I was walking around with a shield, and would “transfer the enchantment” along with the ribbon.

On the other hand, a roll or generic armour in a hessian sack could be ANYTHING, so that could be easier :slight_smile:


Also how much would you sell magic stuff for


The short, flippant answer is ‘whatever you can convince someone to pay for it’.

Generally Artificers will charge ‘cost of materials plus a crafting fee’.

PD frowns on negotiating prices in advance, preferring that players keep the game ‘in the field’, so you’re unlikely to get anything much more specific than that.


Okay thanks I