How do we know if great work's are providing income?

Lorenzo’s Blood Red Roads and Legacy of Vigilance should be providing mana and money to Hahnmark. Are they?
We saw a general boost from the roads (basic income went from 18 rings to 20 for a bit) but I’m not sure I saw any increase to my business’ income. Did the legacy provide any mana to the mana sites?
Is there a way to check?

not certain if this is exactly what your looking for, but here is the list of all the current great works including where they are located and what they provide.

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I think my suggestion would be to email if you think you haven’t received the correct income in downtime (such as from a Great Work you should benefit from).

I believe you need to be at an event to benefit from a great work. (Or that was how it was explained to mewhen the holburg gardens were built)

When your inventory is available you should be able to see the income from Great Works listed there.

To clarify, click ‘Inventory’ then ‘history’ and then choose ‘money’ from the dropdown.


That’s where the extra 2 rings in my Spring pack came from! Was wondering about that for ages, thanks for the muffin Lorenzo!

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Thank you very much. I didn’t know about that tab.

Whoa! I had no idea that was there, super useful to my new trading character, thanks @thresher :slight_smile:.