How do you store your instruments?

Hello musicians of the Empire!

I recently had a character death, and for my next character I am considering bringing a musical instrument with me. I was just wondering for those who own more expensive instruments (I saw a few people with violins, etc) how you manage storage to keep them safe? Does PD have any insurance for such?

I play the flugelhorn, and while mine is a second hand instrument and thus not at the top range of prices, it still cost about £500 and that’s quite a bit for something to come to a LARP. Where do you keep them when not in use? I don’t always have access to any car I’d use (as I can’t drive so it’d be on the kindness of a friend) so putting it in the boot wouldn’t be ideal (in case of impromptu fire-side playing).

If dry I keep my accordion in a handy IC tent. If not dry I carry it back and forth to my car when needed. The biggest risk is someone sitting on an instrument tbh, so you should be fine. I don’t think you need to worry about theft. You can’t rely on anyone else for insurance though - check your home cover.

I store my LARP violin and bow in a sturdy old wooden “coffin” case and leave it in my IC tent (or occasionally someone else’s temporarily). It’s pretty safe from damage in its case. The risks are more when I’m playing, especially if combat happens.

For my good violin I have an “all risks” musical instrument insurance policy, but still I wouldn’t bring it to a PD event.

For LARP I bought a cheap violin and bow: ones that I’m willing to risk. Once (in a different game-system) someone cast a Disarm spell at me while I was playing, and I let the violin drop: the rules allowed for placing fragile things on the ground, but it made better game to let it take its chances. (It needed some new strings and some reshaping of the bridge.)

At this last event I noticed the bow has twisted… I’ll need to replace it or try to re-do the heat-shaping.

I reckon a flugelhorn should be pretty safe from damage if it’s in a solid case.

Thanks guys, been practising and I figure I’ll just bring it to camp. It’s a middling range instrument, and there’s no way I could afford getting a second, but then I’ve not touched it in years until this summer, so wasn’t even worth considering it.

It’ll stay strictly in camp, and if someone casts a disarm, I’ll put it down gently and take the hint. XD

I look forward to hearing it!

I played a little bit on Friday, but then died Saturday morning before I had a chance to do a proper evening’s entertainment. Typical. XD

Frustrating. Having played that little does at least mean that you can have your next character play as well and it won’t be too much of a re-hash.