How do you store your kit and set dressing?

So a deeply practical question for this week, how do you store all your kit and set dressing? And what tricks do you have that make it easy to store and transport?

Tell us your wisdom adepts of packing and tetris :slight_smile:.

Vac packs. My soft kit is currently vac packed and stacked inside a crate. This crate is my soft kit storage for in my tent. Not only do they make everything take up less space (I have vac packed a gambeson before), they’ll keep moisture out, which is good for in the field, and they’ll keep moths out (good for in the house).


I only have one trick here, which are 35 Litre Really Useful Boxes they’re very solid, stackable boxes that fit a decent bit of kit and pack away nicely. :+1:

Oh one warning their 145 Ltr box may seem impressive to store armour and things in, but it really is just too big to fit through doors easily and take down stairs :slight_smile:.


Really useful boxes! I take one big and one small to an event. The big one holds all my character kit that doesn#t need hanging up. The small one tends to hold things like cups etc.
The biggest I have is about 81l?
I also have others that I store spare kit/fabric in. WIll take a picture later of the newly organised shed.

Weapons live in the house, either hung up, or in the rack that my husband made out of some scrap wood whilst bored

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Another vote here for the plastic boxes (and some vac packing). We just have a couple of 20 and 40 litre boxes from Argos or the local pound shop, in the airing cupboard and the cupboard on top of the stairs. The cupboard does need a clean out, but generally it’s quite good. Set dressing is partially in there too and partially is just part of the house we move around.

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Really Useful Boxes.

Look at a variety of sizes depending on what you are storing/moving. There is nothing worse than a big box full of heavy things, or a small box you can’t fit a light thing inside. They are easy to cover with a throw to become a small side table (not seating), or fit under a camp bed. If you need to, they can sit outside undercover both at events or at home.

Write a list of what is in each box, or what goes in the box. This helps you find stuff and makes it quicker to pack stuff (and know if something is missing).

Pack OOC and IC things separately. Heavy or big stuff first if possible. Small and delicate last. Soft stuff can often be used as padding or to fill in odd car spaces - blankets for example.

Work out what the first thing you will need to get at (in your car or bag) when you get to site. For me this is my tent. It should not need me to take anything else out of my car to put up my entire tent. Then unpack directly into your tent. This should mean you barely need stuff to be packed in ‘waterproof’ containers - although it helps.


IC metal chest and wicker box- doubles as sitting place and decoration. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t go in.

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IKEA bags all the way! With a side of laundry bags! They’re shoved in the spare room and/or under a bed.

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Having recently aquirred both a new (tiny) passenger and a roof box for driving to/from Empire, I think those boxes may come along as well…

Currently my kit is stored with
Large pieces soft kit (tabard, coats, cotes) hanging in my wardrobe
Small soft kit in really useful boxes in larp-cupboard
hard kit (armour etc) nested and stacked in cupboard above soft kit, or in military tool bags (link below)
Weaponry dusted with talcum powder and arrayed on top of everything.

For transporting everything to site, I’ve tended to use several “gym bags”, and large sturdy carrier bags. And yes, play a game of tetris with the order of
Camp furniture
Camping gear such as tents and sleeping bags
Kit and accessories
Food and misc
Weaponry on top

We’ve picked up a number of these. For holding maille and armour and crushable kit, not glaringly OOC.

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Storage you can take IC is really handy, as is grouping stuff so you don’t have to gather it together every time.

For example, all our IC lighting (lanterns, battery fairy lights, LED candles) lives in a wicker chest, packed in with a big throw for padding. So we can just grab the box from the larp cupboard, give it a quick check and take it to the car. Once emptied the box gets used as a side table and place to store bits and bobs in our tent porch.

My armour and gambeson live together in one of the army tool bags linked above.

I snagged a proper Red Riding Hood lidded basket with a handle dirt cheap a while back, and all the awkward miscellaneous small props and accessories (flower crowns, IC purse, materials, pens/pencils, belts, pouches, my Cambion horns) live in it on top of my wardrobe.


Ive got an IC wicker box that stores a lot of kit, further stuff goes in a series of Ikea blue bags :slight_smile:

One idea from the LARP HACKS tumblr is “dry sacks” or “canoe bags” to keep soft kit dry when camping. :+1:

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I have some large wheelie boxes from Wicks - easy to store armour wrapped in an oil cloth, leather, weapons etc. Then seperate vac bags for soft kit in other boxes, and finally a wicker basket full of IC stuff that is useful (normally food).

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Newest trrick is vacuum pack bags and a hand pump. Sometimes on the way home the bags end up full of wet kit not vaccumed, but separate from the studd we did manage to keep dry.

NB pumping out bags is a sitdown job, for someone whose legs have given out, who needs a bit of a rest (well, change of muscle group anyway), or who is watching small people who can be relied on to come back when called out of the way of dropping tents or backing cars

The other thing we have is Ikea coffee table boxes - HOL and its baby cousins. When full, they’re stackable. When empty, they take an average LRPer in chainmail (or my fat tush) sat on them

NB the big ones full of kit are heavy and take two armor-wearingly strong folk to carry; you may want to load them onto the van then fill them. One such has been lined with insulation and is our fridge.

These solutions probly only work if you’ve got a group-worth of big tents, lighting, armor, food, and also a group to lug them.

For any box, crate or similar, label them. Simple works ok -This box contains lighting. This box is for all the jewellry BUT NOT makeup. This box contains stock for the cafe/bar/sweetshop. However, giving a more detailed inventory means if someone offers to help you can say “great! can you corall the lights” and the box instructions go “this box is meant to contain 23 lanterns and a 1/2 m candle. Check all the batteries as they go back in and put the dead ones on top with battery plates off”.

Oh and for weapons tranport, a fishing bag seems to cover and protect most things…

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