How does YOUR implement deal damage?

So when you deal one point of damage with your implement, what is happening IC? Do you clobber them? Do you wrack them with magic, burn them? Drain their life force?

edit: Personally, when I get enough exp for battle mage, I was thinking of it as something like the touch of the staff disorders matter and raises the entropy of it - it essentially begins to unmake what it touches even with light contact from a molecular level - flesh would begin to appear to liquify and change into new, strange combinations of colour as the bonds holding them together degrade, and their interaction with light also changing as a result. The process releases heat and energy as matter breaks apart. Continued touch would begin to further unmake them, and begin to inflict burns from the heat released, dispersing their matter into the surrounding environment.
Armour would initially provide some protection, but continued touch would eventually begin to overcome this.

As weapons are made of sturdier material than flesh, that would of course require a shatter however.

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They get hit by a short sword (which is actually a bit too long for me).

Not exactly a fancy approach, but given my character rarely draws blade for full combat (as they are a combat physik, with the emphasis on physik) it does the job

I have previously described how they fight with someone they know as dancing, but that’s a bit outside of pitched battle

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It’s not pretty. What happens IC from my implement…

Tissue damage. My mage staff is usually used for Shatter, and for Heal. Physical damage is Heal in reverse, focused through a shredding destructive hatred. I hit someone, they suffer internal hemorrhage, ripped muscles, fragmented bones, blood clots, and probably worse long-term effects.

Shatterspite, the staff of the enraged healer.


I genuinely have no idea! I have no weapon, nor any weaponisable skills, so I suppose the worst I can do is cut you off from the Labyrinth? It’s spiritual damage.

1 point of damage from getting crystals rammed in uncomfortable places mostly


Being hit with a 6-foot wooden staff generally does damage, regardless of any magic behind it.


My staff is a 6-1/2 foot long piece of art made by Andy Rimmer of Offa Studios, and I’ve always just thought that they did damage from the blunt and stabbing power of them, so there is that.

Here’s my thoughts on how implements damage others, and a tiny bit of how traumatic wounds and cleaves work

An implement is designed to whack magic into people, which is what mine does, and its my virtue and prowess that powers my magic, not anything else fancy. Its also a case of how healing works, because healing in Empire is rubbing a herb against someone and somehow the life threating poison that was keeping the hero on the ground is gone without any rest or recovery period. I think the design intent was to show that implements are pretty much useless when trying to cut someone in half, but very good at smacking magic into people.

For example, a cleave is more like the attack breaching skin and fracturing bone than completely removing the limb, and a traumatic wound is more similar to a broken bone or punctured organ than a lopped off arm or leg.

There is also the matter that we are playing pretend, so do whatever you want!

I’ve thought about that a lot, as it’s a nice way to get yourself into the mind of a wizard PC. Sure, a staff is a big ol’ lever with a lot of concussive force. But a wand can be a little wooden stick with a bird skull on the end, yet capable of ripping through plate armour. So how is it doing that?

I’ve always imagined it as using tiny, unmeasurable amounts of mana to make said little stick do impossible things. Maybe it lands with impossible force, as if it was faster or heavier than it should be. It might chill or wither what it touches. Or leave horrible red welts like a line of snake bites, or shocks like lightning.

Once you start thinking about this sort of thing, you can really ‘sell the hit’ if you get beat up by a magician too. Roleplay that being walloped by a Druj battlemage was like being mobbed by a swarm of bees, or that a Cathan Canae herald gave you frostbite.

My staff (another Offa) has fungi and thorns wrapped around the top - so it’s very heavily geared towards delivering Venom to them Vallorn… But otherwise the thorns rip and are generally pretty unsanitary (I don’t clean 'em between battles), the mushrooms - don’t eat them! They’ll bring you up in welts just touching them, AND the staff itself is 6 feet of birch. So even if they are in clank, a hefty whack will tire them, and if I’m lucky the thorns will wrap a bit round the armour, snagging skin etc. It all counts really, it’s a war of attrition on those foes when you can’t impale.

Not to mention I don’t always even care whether I actually hit the person - often a shield or weapon will do, whether I am channeling my magic to shatter, or repel them back with the magically channeled force of a storm focused at the tip of the staff.

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