How feasible are bearded axes?

I’ve been LARPing for years but I’ve always been a sword/staff/spear user, never axes. However recently I’ve been thinking about getting a two-handed axe for monstering and I really fancy a nice bearded axe. I wonder how feasible the design is though; would the beard get caught and damaged? Is it a common design in LARP weapons? Is it better to have an axe with the beard attached to the haft?

Now there is an interesting question. So 2handed bearded axes (or Dane axes if you will) are totally viable as a weapon choice. Thier fun to fight with as no one expects the range. don’t expect to be effective at close quarters, but if you’ve used a spear I don’t have to tell you about that.

As for the hooking and weapon binding aspects I’ve hooked many shield over the years to reasonable effect. Over all I’ve found people tend to be good about it on the of occasion where you so get bound up and let you untangle. In 3 years of use as part of an Emu I’ve had 2 incident’s and both where resolved without broken weapons or loss of immersion.

You can prepare against the eventuality by getting one with a re-enforced head. Irregular Props and Light Armouries both do it (and are always on Field to try it out) and saxon violence is the gold standard (not sure if thier still trading though).

As for having the blade merge with the haft from an aesthetic point of view I don’t like it but if you’re no planning to go to a system where weapon binding and disarming is allowed it’s perfectly fine if a bit weird looking.