How Large Is Empire?

I’ve looked at the wiki the story is clearly HUGE but how many people do we think go to the events? Who are the biggest nations and how many people are in them? and How much land is there actually for the site that you play on? Just a question of curiosity really :joy:

I think numbers of around about 1500 players plus crew are bandied about.

Largest nations by distance are Wintermark and Navarr, Orcs and Urizen are likely the two smallest.

Not sure how big the IC field is but I can say it feels much bigger than it actually is.

I mean the Wiki does give some insight to how large the nations are by saying the “weight” of their force but I guess that doesn’t directly translate to size of their nation.
But that’s also only for each event so probably not perfect to tell.

The force wieght thing is trying to balance the battles.

Two big battles an event, with 10 nations split between them. Half playing their characters, half monstering. the trouble is that some nations are larger than others, and some nations deploy a greater proportion of their numbers than others.

The Brass Coast Nation feels about the same size as Dawn. But Dawn is made up of militaristic glory-hounds, and deploys about 75% of it’s characters on the battlefield, whereas the Brass Coast sends out maybe 30% (Both formations tend to be very colourful).

Force wieght is used as a partly in-game measure to force the IC generals to send out two numerically balanced forces (ie, not sending the huge nations out to fight with the small nations monstering, or vice versa). As I understand it, the in-game explanation for this boils down to:

“We are overstressing our magical portal by throwing hundreds of folks through it, we have to do so according to the precise balancing of the magical relationships between the nations*, or Bad Stuff Happens”

*Their OOC numbers.

Total numbers attending? 1500 to 200 sounds about right. The site? Dadford campsite allows Empire one large valley field with small wood to camp IC (about 200m by 200m), a couple of other, larger fields for OOC camping, quiet camp, and crew/infrastructure camping, and one large field (100m by 300m) alongside another wood (300m by 300m) for the quests, skirmishes and battles.

All numbers gauged from memory.

Well you can play around with googles measuring tools yourself, this point is in the center of the field use for Anvil along with some of the woods to the NE, click on satellite view to see them.

For quests and battles you have the wooded fields and woodland off to the West and South West.

I believe the very first event had over 1500 players + crew but it was unusually large.

Normally I believe it’s normally around 1100 - 1300 players* with 200-300 crew.

In the IC world very roughly the empire is 900 miles x 900 miles (according to the FAQ and maps),
Which is (according to google maps) is roughly the Western tip of France to the Germany/Poland border.

Vague guesstimations for population numbers by keen players is 15- 25 million citizens across the Empire.

*Timing with university terms and similar holidays and LARP events tends to make a difference.

The average event currently is about 1300 players with about 300 crew - a large number of those crew work as redhats before and after the event, playing during it.