How many events do Artisan starting items last?

An easy one that any artisan can probably answer. When you roll an artisan and get your free starting items, does “3 months to go before it expires” mean it expires just before the next event 3 months from now, or it is valid for that event?
So, if I roll an artisan at E1, does my third item last only for E1, or for E1 and E2?

Crafted items normally last for 1 yr (or 4 main events)

The ribbon will say something like “Expires before Event 3 2017” so it should be clear how long it’ll last.

IIRC your initial items will last for 3, 2 and 1 event, based on their material usage, weighted to balance out the starting character .

Apart from Rule 7 I have no idea what stops your artisan getting killed on a routine basis just to keep regenerating a character with new initial crafting items…

The event you get it for counts as that event.

So your 0 resource item will last for E1, E2, and E3, expiring just before E4.

The max 10 resource item will last for E1 and E2, expiring just before E3

And the max 20 resource item will last for E1 only, expiring just before E2.


How does the fourth item work on the events list?
Assuming I’ve picked a 0 resource item for item slot 4 how many events will it last? E1, E2, E3? or just E1?
As it’s 0 resource does it last 9 months or as it’s an unlimited slot only 3 months?

As far as I recall a starting artisan only gets 3 ribbons in their first player pack.

One of your recipes won’t be used, but I don’t know how they work out which.

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As far as I can tell, the system works as follows.

There are four “slots” on the system you have to pick items for as a starting Artisan:

  1. a 0-cost item slot - the shortest list, containing only items that don’t cost resources
  2. a 10-cost item slot - a list containing all of 1) plus the items that cost 1-10 resources
  3. a 20-cost item slot - a list containing all of 2) plus the items that cost 11-20 resources
  4. the free choice slot - the longest list containing every item in the public list on the wiki

You could pick 0-cost items for each slot, if you really wanted - but regardless, it will resolve as:

  1. will last 3 events, including the one you get it
  2. will last 2 events, including the one you get it
  3. will last 1 event - the one you get it
  4. you won’t get a ribbon for

(With the caveat as Tea says that items don’t expire at the end of events, but rather just before the next one, meaning they’re still valid for any player events in between.)


I understand about the three items but in the unlimited slot I’m assuming i only get one event worth of use (without player event)?

It just seems abit tilted that you spend a years worth of money for example trollhammer or staff of imperial mastery, that you can only use once, unless it has out of battle use.

I am aware some items are really over powered but unless there was a tourney I’m not investing in big hitters unless commissioned too.

No. You won’t receive a free ribbon upon first playing an Artisan for the item in your unlimited slot.

If you actually create a magic item during downtime after starting your character, then all items you make will last for 4 events, regardless of their cost.


Perfect, thank you very much
This was the information I needed :smiley:

Do you start with 3 Artisan’s Oil and your ribbons at E1 or only ribbons?

As far as I know, you don’t start the game with any Artisan’s Oil. You can start crafting it in your first downtime, so long as you have the funds in your inventory.


It is possible that you could ask for a set of Artisan’s Oil to replace one of the free ribbons, I’ve never asked the question. That would definitely be something to have confirmed by PD though as they may say no, ribbons only as starting stuff.

If not, as Emmanovi says you can craft them in your first downtime as long as you put a crown into your inventory at the end of the event.


Thanks, the wiki isn’t clear as to what you fully get in a starter kit other than ribbons, thank you all very much :slight_smile:

It’s probably because Artisan’s Oil is new (it’s only been around for, what four events?) so the question may not have come up yet, and even if it has the decision may not have made it as far as the wiki. :slight_smile:

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Ah ok, it might be seen as bias to starting artisans getting basic rings, resource, three ribbons AND three vials worth “a crown”

This and not everyone has little vial phys-reps first game, its why i didnt get artisan first event as i didn’t have the stuff for it incase i got it, i didn’t want to be a tardis pocketed ribbon wanderer “Do you want a suit of armour? Two handed sword? Oh you need a ritual staff? I’ll just check my other pocket…”

You can temporarily physrep your made items with a hessian sack if wanted, and then just tie the ribbon to your buyers actual phyrep when you sell it. You don’t need to have examples of all the items just to pick up the ribbons.

Oh and little vials are on sale in the traders for not alot so that can be quickly fixed too.

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I didn’t think of that and I should of checked, I could of been artisan, bought materials and saved myself two bad hangovers…