How many rings?

So, keeping this as un-revealing as possible (not asking for the bonds they represent or the stories behind them), how many rings, on average, does a character in the League wear? Would too many or too few lead to you being seen a certain way (selfish and without loyalties if you only have say 1 or 2, too divided if you have 20)? Are there any loyalties that are particularly common, such as to the nation? (I’m assuming to your guild/banner/coven would be fairly usual too)

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I’d expect most Leaguers to wear a ring to their guild/carta. I certainly wear a ring to the nation which I was given by an Egregore when I transferred in - Leaguers by birth may or may not.

If a Leaguer wasn’t wearing any rings, I’d assume they’d forgotten to put them on :wink: But I hadn’t thought about judging people as selfish for having few. Cautious certainly but giving and wearing rings is serious business.

If a Leaguer was wearing more rings than they had fingers, I’d certainly look askance at that IC as spreading themselves too thin. Means loyalties are more likely to conflict too.

I wear three in total and feel I have space for a couple more :slight_smile:


I have six in total. The conclave, The Synod, The Carta, My craft, my family and a close friend who’s bond is concealed.

Ultimately I think it depends on your personality. If you have serious trust issues for example you might have less.

My character has seven - four she started with (guild, city, family, and her current cicisbeo contract), and three she’s gained in play as a result of events in-game (which I’m not going to talk about).

It’s worth thinking about the things that command your loyalty - guild is a common one, city might be another (especially, as Laura says, if you’ve transferred in from another Nation); I know I’ve found my rings incredibly helpful as almost a mental checklist of priorities when presented with a choice IC as well as a very tactile prop to get me into the right headspace (I catch myself missing them for a few days after the event ends). The important thing is to have a Reason for each of them.

I have four for my battlefield healer; I wear my real-life wedding ring, a ring for the medical academy my doctor trained in, a ring for the mercenary company I work for and one more ring which he is unlikely to talk about unless he knows you well.

Thanks folks :blush:

Remember that some rings are worn just as decoration, too. Not every ring denotes a loyalty.

I have 4. I wear 3 and have a 4th hung on my hat (due to size). But tbh none is just as valid as 1,2,8 or such. They are there to show loyalty. You may not have pledged yourself to something yet. Its not something done lightly.