How much are 0 resource magic items?

i realize it’ll probably be dependent on who you ask and how hard you haggle, but im just curious as to how much you have paid/would charge for a 0 resource item?

It’s got no resources, but your time -your character’s time between events crafting the thing - has a value. What that value is can be up to you and how much the buyer wants it.

It’s a bit “find out on the field” really, it’s a bit more fun that way.

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Nothing, they’re basically garbage. I’ll take all of them off your hands. Not for free mind, you’ll need to pay me for the service. Say a Crown an item?


I think the armours are great, the weapons are useful for lower xp characters and the wands for mages are pretty good.

Just a quick note to say thank you for keeping things vague so far.

Please leave any more discussion of numbers to the field but hopefully we’ve answered the OP well enough. :slight_smile:

They’re all cursed, give them to a responsible winter mage. You have no proof of me being irresponsible :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a winter mage! Probably not a responsible one though…

Apprentice Blades are around 10c on the wiki story for them, but who knows when that was set, or if it’s a fair price…

I wouldn’t rely on the flavour text for that item as a good approximation of what the item is actually worth :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a pre-Y1E1 bit of colour rather than a meaningful market price.

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Oh yeah, I was trying to imply that the price was wayyyy off there.

Best way to think about it is, they take 2 months to make rather than one. So the time to make it is the important aspect. Anything you feel fair is fair. (Apologies if to detailed)