How Much Do IC Items Cost (Roughly)?


Hi there! I’m new to Empire (haven’t attended an event yet) but I was wondering how much IC items, such as food and drink in a tavern. I know the wiki says things like that cost a ring but I wasn’t sure, e.g. is a bottle of mead the same price as a little bit of cake or? I know prices probably vary a bit but if someone could tell me maybe what the prices were like in places like the tavern last event or something it would give me more of an idea!

Thanks for any responses!


Short answer: It varies wildly. You can walk into the League and pay 3 rings for something, then wander into Urizen and pay a throne.

Long answer: Nothing has a fixed value and the economy is completely out of balance because we all represent rich adventurers of middle to high class. Every cake you buy is a masterfully-crafted artisanal cake, each beer a rare brew from a far off land. Essentially, you can pay as much for a few bags of fudge as a sword because the things people bring to trade have a solid real-world value to the player and they often won’t let them go without charging enough to make it worthwhile - on the other hand, some just do it for the RP - and so they might charge more for a thing they made or bought than a ribbon (representing a magic item, but you need to provide the physical-representation) or a card (representing herbs or potions or whatever) that has no real-world value.


Thanks very much for the reply!


If this is too specific then ill edit it.
But beer tends to lay about the 5r a tankard. Bottles are more, but if a bunch of friendly Navvari come round with a wagon of cider, ask for a taste and a bottle if your flush. Its good stuff.
Cakes and sweets anything from 1r to a crown depending on seller. Ive seen rings sold for rings,


Aye we Navarri are a friendly and alcoholic lot


Oh another note, you may notice some prices in in “b” or “Barbarian”. This just means its in £’s. I believe no IC food or drink can be sold for cash.


Yes. as I believe that that breaks licencing laws. Fortunately, Empire coin is worthless.



Yes, absolutely priceless…