How much flexibility is there in what you can Hallow?

I know it’s pretty short notice for the next event but I kinda need to know… Hallow can be used on an object but not a “large immobile object”… What actually constitutes large and immobile? I am guessing a chair would be OK as it’s pretty portable but how about a table that affects anyone sat at it? I am of course assuming a table that is easily moveable for a single person rather than a massive banquet table for 20+ but still… Consecrate is great for an area like a tent but has extremely limited options, anoint is only for a single person but very versatile and Hallow has the effect i want but is a bit fluffy on the details??? Basically I need to knowif I can hallow a largish (but still technically portable) object and have the consecration affect anyone who uses/interacts with it?

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#notaref, also email rules@ for any proper answer.

… but …

To me the trade-off seems pretty clear. Anoint is “that person, some flexibility, mind-shields”. Hallow is “some person, some flexibility, no mind-shields”. Consecrate is “these people, no flexibility, no mind-shields”. If you want to affect “some people” you need multiple invocations or consecrate.

I think i need a ref (or someone who has asked previously) as anything else is pesonal opinion and not necissarily accurate.

The lines of communication with the refs are well advertised, and not the forums.

I figure it’s pretty short notice and the refs do haunt this palce and might be able to give me a good (if not cast-iron) answer.

There’s literally one person who can give you a complete answer to that question, and he doesn’t post here. You need to email rules@ as indicated.

My unofficial gut feeling is hallow is basically for things you hold or wear - jewellery, accessories, tools, etc. I would probably reject a hallow on a chair or table. I might allow one on a small travel stool. It would depend on the specific item, the specific hallow, and the intent of the player.


We had hallowed soap and hallowed wash bowls (Highguard of course) that affected everyone who used them, which is probably as close as you can get.

Perhaps a tea pot or similar group serving item? But people can always resist an aura with a hero point, and once you’ve put the thing down or given it away then it doesn’t have to affect you anymore, unless of course it’s more fun if it does…


I will e-mail. My actual thinking is something like a game (deck of cards/risk and all its pieces etc…) or a something like a card table hallowed against cheating. Nothing that would have any effect once you step away but could affect multiple people at once. It’s all stuff that doesn’t really fit the description of any thing currently in game. I mean it’s not personal, or area based but it’s not quite item based given it might have multiple parts or affect several folk at once and possibly be bigger than can be easily portable. I suspect the rules don’t really cover this but maybe a ref inquiry might help?

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So… to affect multiple people in close proximity at once, I honestly feel you’re looking more at a consecration than a hallow. Obviously, I’m not rules@pd, so that doesn’t mean much.

I’m not aware of a hallow that discourages cheating - which one were you looking at?

If there’s no consecration that creates an area roleplaying effect you want, you could consider looking into rituals that create auras. For example, Chamber of Pallas creates an aura that is very suitable for bars or gambling dens.

My gut feeling (#notaref) says hallowing a chair would be cool (I’m thinking of the Iron Throne of Westeros right now) so that whoever sits in it gets the effect. But for the Round Table of Camelot you want a Consecration.

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For reference, Consecrate does actually include a “mind-shield” (spiritual strength).

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Paging Medea Ruth…

I believe that a kidney was successfully Hallowed during an operation

FWIW I do now check the Throne for ribbons before sitting in it. There is a Process. :wink:


Wintermark had a potato hallowed.

Bits of food are forever getting hallowed

I am fairly sure that the spirit of the rules is that Hallow is designed to only affect one person at once (a second and maaaybe third very briefly if the owner wants to go “here, look at my hallowed item!”), Consecrate is the one designed for groups of people. For the actual rules do rules@PD email but I don’t think hallowing the largest/most distributed item you can so you can affect a group is within the spirit of how it’s supposed to work.