How much is a pint of milk these days?

I can’t find much on the wiki about what things cost, only a reference that goes alon, g the lines of ‘whatever someone else is willing to pay for it’.

That’s not much help when we’re all supposed to be living in this economy but there’s no reference points.

So, if I wanted to buy a Sovereign Specific or Elixir Vitae potion, should that cost me more than a loaf of bread?

And how much is any of this stuff generally worth anyway?

So far I’ve only spent my rings in other people’s taverns… but the kids need shoes, dammit!

An Elixir Vitae will probably set you back a couple of crowns. Things that have more than two herb raw ingredients will probably cost an extra crown per herb, but prices will always fluctuate on the field, of course.

They are a LOT more expensive than basic goods.

The Pledge usually includes a rough guide to how much resources are generally being traded for, so if you take the raw ingredient costs from there, and add on a small factor for the crafter then you shouldn’t be too far out.

Massive Disclaimer - this is just based on personal experience, and should not be treated as anything except a general ‘guideline’. Save discussions of specifics for IC, yo

I tend to work on the ‘pint standard’ for small purchases - a generic pint is usually around 3-5 rings, so for things like ‘some sweets’, ‘a braided wristband’, ‘a small wooden stag’ or ‘a cup of coffee’ (all things I’ve bought with IC money) I tend to compare the price being asked to “How many pints of beer is this?”

For crafted items it’s a bit trickier, though my general breakdown is ‘cost of materials + an amount for production time’ (getting really meta, if a business makes 9 crowns per downtime I assume a month of work is worth at least 3 crowns, but this varies based on many nebulous things).

Cheers… keep the good advice coming.
the pledge is a newssheet yeah?

Can that be picked up in anvil?

Are resources balanced values?

E. G. one measure of beggars lye is worth one of dragonbone… or not?

Balanced-ish, depending on recent events.

Yes, The Pledge will be for sale on the field, it’s an IC newspaper.

The Pledge is useful as it gives you general news as well, so it’s a great way to keep up with what’s happening (especially if there are things you can’t get into, such as Synod or Conclave). You can normally find their tent in the League camp - they have sellers wandering around, but I never seem to see them >.<

Thanks everyone for the advice… didn’t get to the Pledge (other than as part of an outraged Varushkan mob ready to burn the place down! ) - is there an online version!?!


They keep it all on the field, after all those rings do add up :slight_smile:. I’d try and get along early next time.

But hey congratz on being part of an excellent mob :slight_smile:.

This event I also discovered the ‘Thrifty Squid’ publication, which can be bought IC in the Brass Coast. It keeps track of the average prices and the range. I highly recommend.

I have no idea of of what milk is worth in the Empire atm, in the wiki the coinage is decribed as thus:

A ring generally represents a suitable payment for a minor task, or the cost of an item such as a simple meal or a bottle of wine or beer. Citizens who deal mostly in rings tend to be towards the bottom of the economic pile.

A crown is a more significant expenditure; a fine meal or a bottle of wine from a prestigious vinyard might cost a crown. Citizens who deal mostly in crowns tend to be wealthy - they are often business owners, or run a prosperous farm.

A throne is a serious expenditure; the movers and shakers of the Empire deal in Thrones for preference. The Imperial Senate particularly deals in Thrones. Anyone making transactions in Thrones is considered to be among the richest people in the Empire.[/quote]

My opinion on prices of non-resource goods, alcohol,food etc. is that Anvil is effectively a captured market compared to the rest of the Empire. Prices vary wildly depending on what traders think they can get (like at a RL music festival).

Prices did seem to be pretty odd. I am struggling to get my head around anything that isn’t resource based. There seems to be no real standard; some things feel cheap and others outrageously expensive.

The price of milk, as your example, would probably be significantly less on Friday than on Monday!

Game resources (mana crystals, artisan materials etc) seem to have fairly consistent prices, which vary slightly based on demand. Non game specific items (food, jewellery, booze) don’t seem to relate even slightly to regular pricing, vary from seller to seller, and are utterly unpredictable and illogical.

Michael has quoted the relevant section from the “Currency” page on the wiki.

Basically, the best way of thinking about it, is how much food would cost (if it wasn’t subsidised…*) at the meeting of the 1000 powerful and wealthiest people in Europe (medieval or modern) turned up at the most prestigious political, military, trade, technology and religious meeting 4 times a year.

Food is ludicrously expensive compared to everyday life in the Empire, because people selling it know they can charge that and the rich and powerful will in fact buy it for that price.

Remember as well that your income at the event represents you savings/profits/pocket money from your Mum from the season to take to Anvil.

(*Actually “subsidised” is an easy way to justify the stuff bought for OC money…)

Some really interesting points - I never got to visit the brass coast, despite it being next door!

Must rectify that and seek out a thrifty squid next event!