How NOT to name your group

So, as new players, my small group of friends and I spent several months brainstorming in order to create our own Chapter in Highguard. Many a late night had been spent chatting and sketching, planning the name, the sigil, the colour scheme, the excessively long backstory, etc etc.

A few days ago, I was filling in the official “new group creation” part on the PD website, when I found a drop down menu with what appear to be all of the currently registered groups in Highguard. To my horror, our group name was (coincidentally) extremely similar to not one, not two, but four existing groups.

Of course, this was purely an unfortunate bit of luck, but we decided to go back to the drawing the board anyway, determined to create a more unique identity.

The moral of the story is: if you’re creating a new group and specifically don’t want to choose a name similar to existing ones, check the official PD list first to avoid disappointment! A little piece of advice from someone who learned this the hard way.


Another place to check is some of the Nation’s leadership pages have a Prominent Groups page e.g. Prominent chapters - Empire

But it is worth checking on the Nation FB group to see if the name of the group is “Live” in the game as I know some people create groups on the system but don’t play them.

Best of luck with name concept number 2 :+1:

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Yeah its an awkward one but to some extent its slightly inevitable, like even if you check the names you might pick the same colours, or just a cleanly inverted version, or possibly your chapter badge is a palette shifted version of a dawnish house crest? :smiley:

Its definitely good to research but dont worry too much, i mean people still call their kids Dave after all :wink:

I’m really curious what your original name was, and which chapters clash with it!

As am I, but if they don’t want to air their mistakes, don’t poke :slight_smile:

Haha yes! By all means, I’d also advise others that it’s not a massive deal, just a road block on the hype train through the long dark.

My group’s Chapter was founded by a woman named Uriel during the Patrician War and the Chapter is dedicated to Ambition (we’re real big Tian stans), so we were going with “Uriel’s Hand”, only to see listed “The Hand of Lyndas”, “The Imperial Hands” and “Empire’s Hand” (ok, it was 3, not 4).

We were also thinking “Uriel’s Flame” but not sure :thinking:


In terms of sigil and colour scheme, I accept that there will be similarities with other groups and that I can live with. I think that the name is such a big part of identity though that if I could choose 1 element to make unique, it would be the name.

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Handily (BoomBoom) I have never heard of any of those other groups in Highguard, at all and I’ve been there since E1 :smiley:

Looking around I’ve checked this list on the FB group, this list of people in HG on the FB group, this list of prominent groups on the wiki and I’ve also had a look at a few of the recent camp planning threads on the HG forum and I can’t see any Hand based chapters.

I’d do a final check and see if anyone on the FB group is planning to start a new chapter at the first event of this year, but otherwise I think you’re good :D.


Also been playing from the start and I don’t recognise any of those 3 “Hand” names either so I don’t think they have hit the field.
Think we may have had a couple of Characters called Uriel but that’s it.

I don’t think we even have any hands on chapter badges at the moment either?

I’d go with Uriel’s Hand.

The colour choice is a bit more difficult as the common jewel tones are limited to about 6, but make your badge recognisable and stick o anything that doesn’t move fast enough and we’ll recognise you soon enough!


(As an anecdote, I’ve seen people with 10 or 12 backup characters on their account, such that working in GOD we have to ask people which of their back ups they want to activate, when they come in to report their previous demise, so it wouldn’t surprise me that there are lots of back up groups for those with back up characters.)