How significant are the runes in play?


Hi just got back from my first event it was a lot but a great time.
Me and my group are planning on making some baked goods (cookies, brownies etc ) to make some money next event and i was wondering if decorating food with runes like Naeve the rune of hunger or similar things would be tongue-in-cheek or just straight up heresy. Thought it’d look cool but dont want to start any conflict IC for the sake of a few rings.
Sorry if its a stupid question


Its not Heresy, thats a religious matter and the runes are magical.

There would be no reason not to, though those who focus and deal with the magic applications of the runes might look at you askance though more on the raised eyebrow and shake of the head level, rather than the back away slowly before it explodes level on the whole.

That said I’d be wary of eating anything linked to the realm of winter, especially the representation of the unending torture of starvation… Part of me would worry that it was in some way linked to Wendigo.


Yeah i just read more on the rune of hunger think im gonna steer clear of realm of winter runes in general.


If you want to go down the path of rune cookies, which is not a bad idea in principle might I suggest:

  • Wyr If it is not what it looks like (i.e: a hidden different flavoured centre.
  • Feresh Its power magnifying the Greatness of the cookie.
  • Pallas The rune of indulgent use of what you have earned.
  • Cavul The sign of Purity and cleanliness, though it does have less savoury meanings too.

Put it on upside down!
Naeve inverted, hunger subverted. :stuck_out_tongue:


As a marcher who doesn’t bother with all that wintermark carry-on, I can just about identify the hospital rune when I see it and otherwise I won’t know what kind of rune you’re feeding me.


As others have said, people are unlikely to think something will happen because of it, and it wouldn’t be considered heresy, but I’d focus on more positive runes if you want to sell them successfully!

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If you want to make cookies more saleable then maybe try using some of the virtue signs instead, courage axes, prosperity cups, vigilance towers, all should be fairly easy to draw in icing, and you can even ask people which one they think their mates need more of and suggest they buy a cookie for them too!!

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So uh. Naeve is the rune associated with Ambition. xD