How to be useful in battle


Hi everyone! So I have been playing a battle mage with the spells Heal, Restore Limb, Repel and Shatter. However, I’m struggling to feel useful and like I’m contributing. So as a squishy battle mage, what is the best way to contribute meaningful?

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I have very little input to offer here, however my wisdom goes as far as this, DON’T DIE.

Not very useful but as soon as I read the title that’s all that popped into my head. However I’m sure some more knowledgeable people will answer this with some actual useful information.

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Perhaps talk to your general. They might have a few ideas for what you can do. When you run out of mana, maybe you could be a runner. I think heal and restore limb are incredibly useful and repel used at the right moment can be great. Let people know that you have repel so if they need a sudden push, you are there. Shatter is probably best saved for something big, maybe someone who is clearly a leader or a fairly big monster.

As a battle mage, you may not see the effects of what you do but they will be there. You could look into maybe getting a banner together for battle mages of your nation and see if you can lead them. Maybe you could look into keeping new players in the fight.

I suggest you consider what you think of as meaningful. You might need to tweak your character a bit to fit that.


Hey Alessander - Mages are cool in battle!
Which nation are you? Many of them have a semi-dedicated ‘Healer blob’ group - They usually have fighters too for direct protection of healers, so you can morph the role to the game you want to play.

To be useful - Have your spell-words memorised. To the point where they are more an ongoing natural phrase rather than a thoughtful insight. Make sure you know the effect of each of the things you do, so you can clarify to your target if need be - This can be important if you Swift-Cast, as some of the effects change slightly.

Talk to a group to join. You then have people watching your back and people to stick by. Although you are squishy, you are a lot less squishy with 4 people dual-wielding stuff surrounding you.
The key is to define your role. You are spread thin between offensive and healing, which means you are versatile but probably lacking in personal Mana - However, there is certainly a role for you in a multi-disciplined group. as a battle-mage, be sure to bring a staff to battle (and train with it beforehand). Not only does it give you a bit more reach for Swift-casting, but it’s also nice to have a decent weapon if you run out of Mana.


I’m in the League, which has a tiny weight force (last event was 1). I am in a group with 3 combat focus people (although really at that size everyone is a group).
I’m currently using a rod I got second hand, it’s not great and difficult to fight with, and whilst I would love to have a staff I can’t afford it.


Step 1, borrow/buy a shield buckler or staff.

Ideally a staff lets you be more offensive, a shield/buckler is obviously better at keeping you alive.

Step 2, practice. You’ll spend most of your time not casting spells, so get good at harassing someone that your friend is fighting. You don’t even need to land hits, just be enough of a threat that the target has to think about both of you. Unless you’re very confident in your ability make sure you’re fighting in support of other members of your nation, never go one on one.

Step 3. Accept that you are the first choice of target for archers. Always. Watch for arrows and do not over expose yourself.

Step 4. Your spells are some of the most powerful effects on the field. Use them at critical moments rather than “just because”. Your mate just got taken out by an arrow? Swiftheal/Restore limb and bounce them right up again. Barbarian captain crushing your lines? Shatter his weapon. As a last resort if a line fight is going badly burn a handful of mana potions/crystals and shatter every shield on the enemy line.

You’re a glass cannon, most of the time you won’t be contributing as much as a heavily armoured fighter, but your spell casts can easily turn the tide of a combat and save other players from death. Look for those moments where you can have maximum effect, and avoid wasting spells on random opponents.

Step 5. Don’t die. :wink: It’s really really easy to die as a battlemage.

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Restore limb is pretty nice because while a physick can do that, it costs them resources, while you and I can do it off personal mana.

Shatter is amazing in the right situation. It may help for me that I play a front line fighter in another game so have a good idea of which weapons fighters find most troublesome. The best moments for shatter tend to be against a polearm which is being used in a very defensive way and making the fighters on your side not want to advance.


For starters, Pick Shield and Rod~ (S&R) or Staff,
S&R makes you safer, less susceptible to arrows and will keep you stood up longer. Allow you extend to deliver a blow and retreat into the line. By not going down you help your group by not having to save you. Take more bleed out rather than hit points as you can lose them all with a well placed cleave anyway.
Cons: You need to get in arms reach to effect so are at more danger of cleaves.
Staff. Allows you to be further back and be more offensive, you can bop people from over peoples heads and shatter shields with impunity. You will have an easier time applying your offensive spells and disengaging to support elsewhere on the line.
Cons: Arrow Fodder. You are announcing yourself to all the archers that you are a target.


I’d probably change one of those spells for Extra Mana unless you have a group providing you with Mageblood Potions and crystal mana. Right now, you’ve got 4 abilities competing for a limited amount of mana. Probably drop Repel or Shatter, as they serve the same purpose of “You go away now”. more mana=more wizarding!

I’d then work out how much crystal mana you want to keep, sell off the rest, and buy Mageblood potions and/or +mana items. Because Crystal Mana powers one spell, but mageblood can power 2, and items increase the size of your fuel tank for each fight. Crystal mana is most useful for swift-casts and Shatters.

As a battlemage, you are reliant on your mana pool to be abything more than a light-armoured polearm user. Therefore the best thing you can do is to stack up mana or spell sources. Some of the cheaper options:

  • Witchwood wand (+1 mana, 8 resources)
  • Amberglass chain (2/day Entangle as if you knew it, 9 resources)
  • Opaline Coat (Robe, +2 mana, 15 resources)

Right… even though in principle a physick can fix a limb without using resources, it takes two minutes of uninterrupted work: not usually a viable option. So it’s a choice of half a minute and one herb, or five seconds and a pre-prepared two-herb philtre… compared to the spell that takes half a minute and one personal mana, or “a few words” and two personal mana if swift-cast.

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Swift casting takes a few words of roleplaying rather than 5 seconds.

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That reminds me, Chirugeon is an amazing pick for a battlemage, as youre likely to be behind the front line anyway. It gives you a way to pick people up without spending a mana, and lets you conserve resources while being useful. Which means you get to do more things.
At 1xp, it compares incredibly favourably with Extra Mana or Extra Spell.


Agreed, Chirugeon is just a great skill that pairs well restore limb, even if they are one 1HP they can at least get moving and keep up.