How to get an IC tent?

At past events, I camped IC and liked it, because it gives me (and my group, when they exist) a base of operation. I don’t own an IC tent, so the tents I slept and played in in the past were rented, mostly from Glarping. Unfortunately Glarping have given up business, Past Tents don’t hire out anymore, PD have so few tents that I don’t want to speculate on renting one from them.
I might buy a tent, but that seems a steep investment, given that I don’t have a car or feel comfortable driving a rented one to get it from my place to the site – and also I don’t know how much longer I’m in the UK.
Are there any other companies to hire an IC tent from?
Or, if not, are there any people who would to the logistics of my own tent for me, if I bought one?

Quite often other larpers are selling their old stuff.

I have found 3 great looking IC tents so far! All I have felt are absolute bargains!

Plus I have seen many others!

A Bell tent is the easiest IC tent to pick up relatively cheaply (as far as IC tents go) and it’s also the easiest to set up yourself on the field. Just peg out loosely, insert pole and you can tighten your guy ropes and finishing pegging out. You should also be able to pick up second hand Bell Tents on eBay for a reasonable price. Then just add ground sheet, a few throws and cushions and you’re good to go.

Transport being your issue I’d talk to other people in your nation who live locally (or other players at Empire who are local) about helping fund a kit van. If you’ve got three people heading up to Empire who’d be hiring a car anyway, a transit van is usually the same price to hire. If you start asking around now (here, on your nation group and on the FB group for lift sharing) you should be able to sort the logistics out before event 1.

Good luck :slight_smile:.