How to get into the building game?

i am new to larp and empire and i want to get into the building game and want to know how best to get into it. i want to carve something out of nothing, building great works and sinctures and ministries all in the name of building something great to leave my mark on the game world and thus the game. (Think Urizen Lorenzo ‘La Volpe’ if ive read the wiki correctly)

any tips and suggestions to help achieve my goals/get more out of my game?

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Ultimately this is a very long game. Lorenzo is a player who has spent since the start of the game in the bourse and playing it well. Arguably, because he got into the game at the beginning he had it a bit easier than it would be now but it isn’t impossible to break into this kind of game. That’s not to take away what he’s done as its quite incredible and a real testament to the work he’s put in over the years.
What it comes down to is getting your hands on a wayleave from the auction or convincing a senator to put a motion for it to the senate and get it passed. Then you will need the resources to create the great work either by taking a national position or getting one in the bourse. Both will set you back in influence or cash. As a rough estimate your looking at around 100 thrones minimum for a great work.
It’ll be challenging but it is doable and will bring you a hell of a lot of game. Good luck with it.


In Urizen the Archetype for this would be the aptly named Architect. At the moment Urizen lacks a National resource as its in the hands of the villainous Grendel but that might change though our nation is rather war ravaged at the moment…

It is going to be a long game but not impossible. A lot is going to rely on talking to people and convincing them that your plan has merit so I might suggest taking a careful stock of the various great works and try and work out which is best, and have arguments against the others, rather than just saying ‘lets build a cool thing’… Also having a group to back you is always helpful.

But anyway Welcome to Urizen

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I think a lot of senators will be happy to support you IF you can be seen to striving and completing you goals. With a lot of money going into the armies at the moment investment into the territories would give the senate a wider tax base.
“La Volpe” and the Bloody Butchers had the good foresight to get into the workings of the bourse early and has used it to fuel a legacy.

If you ever do this I have a cool thing that needs to be built in Spiral. I am working on rebuilding a spire in to a citadel but resources are the main stumbling block, so to speak. Perhaps we could chat IC at some point?

i think i know what you have in mind, but i want to keep things IC here. look for me in the field, i’ll be the guy hell bent on retaking, revitalizing and protecting spiral.

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Welcome to Empire. I hope you really enjoy the game, and achieve your ambition of building Great Works etc.

It’s hard work to build up resources and will take time, but is good fun and well worth striving for. Please feel free to come and find Lorenzo as would be great to discuss in-character (I’ll be at E4 but not E3).

In the meantime, Lorenzo’s made some games to give everyone the chance of learning about the Bourse and building Great Works. Its available on kickstarter until 30 June. See: 'Best of Bourse' card games by Dave Wetherall – GGG Games — Kickstarter