How to introduce freinds to empire

I had a great time at empire and I have a bunch of freind’s who i know would be interested (non-larpers) - but there is an interesting barrier. If we we’re going to play DnD -we’d all end up around the same table- but at empire we’ll simply be on a field with 1500+ other people and almost no phone reception. At E3 I didn’t see my Gf that much -even though we didn’t have that much to do- next event we’ll have our tests of mettle - so may be much busier.

A simple solution is saying something like- why don’t you be my characters friend? and you can hang round with me- and I’ll get you involved as we get stuff done - and if you want to head off and do something else, here is a list of the places I’m likely to be.

But its complicated by the fact that people may want to choose different nations or characters that would be doing something completely different.

How have people introduced their freind’s to Empire? did it work? What would you advise?

Our group compromised and eventually decided on the same nation after reading through all the briefs.
Once on the field everyone went off to do whatever they where interested in, healing, priesting, trading etc, but we had a home base and somewhere to come back to.
Over the years various people have died or retired their characters, changed nations, come back etc so we know who is on the field and once you’ve got the hang of the game it’s easier to find people not in your group, but starting in the same group definitely helped while we were all getting the hang of it.


My friends and I had a similar experience, we all rolled our first characters in the same nation. In practise, we tend to clump together in groups of two or three and only ocassionally gather as a full group (and I was something of a problem child in that area because I like wandering off on my own and moving swiftly between areas). Now half of us have died and are relocated and since we still have the old group tent in Varushka and know our way around the field and where our friends are likely to be found, we can generally track each ither down if we need to.

That being said, it’s handy to be or know someone who likes dashing around Anvil looking for people. It may seem daunting but if you’re lucky enough to be abundant in spoons then you can manage a quick sweep of the various nations in maybe ten to fifteen minutes.

My friends and I all started in the same Chapter in Highguard; creating a group with friends is a great way to create a Chapter/Hall/House as you can all agree (hopefully) on theme, look, goals, etc.

Half of us are still in the same chapter, whereas the other half relocated to Urizen after we had a rather traumatic event resulting in a large chunk of the chapter dead! However, we still see each other regularly IC and OC at events.

It’s an issue. I have, in several festival-type games, talked to my local friends with the intent on starting as one group. And due to different tastes and preferences, we all end up in different nations/races/factions/etc.

At which point you aren’t playing with your friends, just in the same field as them.

This isn’t necessarily such a bad thing: You’ll all have different points of view, you’ll all be affected by the bigger things, but you’ll all have different stories to tell. And of course, if everyone is playing what they want, doing the things they want to, it’ll be a lot more comfortable and enjoyable than stuffing everyone into roles they might not actually want…

Here’re some options:

  1. Everyone joins your group for the first event. They invest little time/money into kit and character, and basically come to wander around and see what they like for the first event. After which, they either solidify their association with you, or move their characters elsewhere, or make new characters…

  2. Have a long chat with each of your friends. Talk through what seems interesting to them. Walk them through finding groups or whatever to start with, and character creation. Travel as a group to Empire, camp together OOC, scatter IC. Travel home with some awesome but different tales to tell.

  3. A combination of the above. Gently nudge folk into joining your group, and if not, have their characters and yours start as friends. Trading partners, old war comrades, chance-met sisters of the road, whatever. They could camp with you IC, have a good reason for coming and chatting to you IC, and co-ordinate and do things in-game, regardless of nation.

That last means that if you have a group of 5 friends divided between 5 nations, they each have a friend to visit in 4 other nations, which means they start with an international network of friends, giving them plenty of reasons to go exploring :slight_smile:

The hobby is done for fun. The game is played to be fun. And your idea of fun may not be quite the same as that of your friends. If you can, as Thresher suggests, all start off together IC and OOC, then that is a great introduction. But don’t force things.

Share the game, share the hobby, and if you can’t manage to share the group and character concepts, then you’ll still have plenty to froth about over downtime :slight_smile:

And remember that you have a recruitment bonus booking discount code to offer :slight_smile:

Sorry, got rambling a bit there…

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Thanks for your replies everyone, you are as always very helpful. In my original post - i might not have made it clear enough - but my GF and I are not part of the same group- we are testing into separate houses so we can marry; for her that’s house Carsenere - I’m not 100% sure about me so I am getting tests from a few so i have time to get to know people before i make a decision. This means that we can’t just map the real life friendship group onto an in game group.